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What is the approx value of 'Moonlight' by Peter Ellenshaw 34x32 on Giclee Canvas Ltd Edition Print150 printed?



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Hi to whomever wrote this Q, Soon after the sale of the last Ltd edition of 150 hand-signed giclee(32"x34")by Peter Ellenshaw from the publisher, the art galleries quickly doubled the price of the giclee. It has slowly been creeping up ever since util Peter's death earlier this year(2007)when the same art galleries have bumped their asking price ne up to nearly US$9,000 for the giclee. But I guess it is up to the Gallery to set their own asking price. I think the 9,000 to 10,000 dollar range is a fair asking price considering the beauty of the work and the legend behind it. I hope this helps you. TR