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What is the approximate age of a Stevens Arms Co 22 cal visible loader pat date Apr 30 1907?


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2005-04-09 15:56:25
2005-04-09 15:56:25

I also have one, don't want to sell (to much fun to shoot) just would like to know where to maybe find some history about it. Thanks These were made between 1907 and 1932. All Hat No Horse Thanks apprecate the info LML


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Depending on the condition of the firearm, on personal expierence i've seen them for around 200-300 dollars But my grandfather owns a Visible loader and its been apraised for 400 Dollars. Hope this helps.

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As with many Stevens rifles of the first half of the 1900s, different reference books offer different dates of manufacture. It's usually accepted that the Visible Loader #70 was manufactured from 1907 into the early 1930s. It was last assembled from remaining parts in 1941 after parts production had ceased several years earlier. Sometimes called the "Miserable Loader," this gun can be found in good condition for $150 to $275 dollars. Ones with higher prices never seem to sell. Needing some work, they can be found for as little as $50.

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Stevens made the model 70 from 1907 to 1932 or so and cycled through production numbers of A 1 to Z 999 three or more times. Best guess (1932-1907 / 2 =12 : 1907+12=1919 ) Call it 1920 easier to remember. Hope this helps.

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What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun? What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

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