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I also have one, don't want to sell (to much fun to shoot) just would like to know where to maybe find some history about it. Thanks These were made between 1907 and 1932. All Hat No Horse Thanks apprecate the info LML

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Q: What is the approximate age of a Stevens Arms Co 22 cal visible loader pat date Apr 30 1907?
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How old is this Stevens visible loader with a serial number X322?

It can not be any older than 1907

Value of 1907 Stevens 22 pump rifle?

Depending on the condition of the firearm, on personal expierence i've seen them for around 200-300 dollars But my grandfather owns a Visible loader and its been apraised for 400 Dollars. Hope this helps.

Are parts available for a 1907 Stevens Model 70 Visible Repeater Rifle?

As with many Stevens rifles of the first half of the 1900s, different reference books offer different dates of manufacture. It's usually accepted that the Visible Loader #70 was manufactured from 1907 into the early 1930s. It was last assembled from remaining parts in 1941 after parts production had ceased several years earlier. Sometimes called the "Miserable Loader," this gun can be found in good condition for $150 to $275 dollars. Ones with higher prices never seem to sell. Needing some work, they can be found for as little as $50.

What is the age of Steven's model 70 visible loader with serial number U 65?

Stevens made the model 70 from 1907 to 1932 or so and cycled through production numbers of A 1 to Z 999 three or more times. Best guess (1932-1907 / 2 =12 : 1907+12=1919 ) Call it 1920 easier to remember. Hope this helps.

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun? What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

When was Harold A. Stevens born?

Harold A. Stevens was born in 1907.

Where can you find information about a J Stevens Arms Company 22 short-long or long rifle marked a535 or visible loading repeater Pat Apr 30-07?

A few different models of the Visible Loader were offered between 1907 and 1932. Mainly differing only in the sights. Truly excellent condition rifles can reach $350-$400.

When was Bobby Stevens born?

Bobby Stevens was born on 1907-04-17.

Value of a 1907 Stevens-maynard jr 22-long rifle?

Value of a 1907 Stevens Jr 22 calibar rifle

What is the value of a 22 S-L-LR J Stevens Arms Co Chicopee Falls Mass USA visible loading repeater patented April 30 07?

The Stevens Visible Loader, sometimes called the "Miserable Loader" because of its tendency to malfunction, was made from 1907 well into the 1930s. They are fairly common guns on on-line auction sites and at gunshows. Value depends on condition and exact model. Most were the Model 70 and today bring $100 to $400. Models with fancy sites, pistol-grip stock and other embellishments can carry price tags of up to $600 if in great condition, but they are slow to sell at that price. An "average" price" is $250 to $325.

When did Moses T. Stevens die?

Moses T. Stevens died on 1907-03-25.

When and where was baseball player Bobby Stevens born?

Bobby Stevens was born April 17, 1907, in Chevy Chase, MD, USA.

What is a visible loader .22 made April 30 1907 worth?

Don't know what they are worth, but looking for the same answer. Have two in good working condition. Just love shooting them. Most people never seen one when I take them to shoots.

Which Double Indemnity actress was born Ruby Stevens in 1907?

Barbara stanwyck

How much is 1907 jc Stevens 22 rifle?

25-125 usd

When were most steven 1907 pump 22's made?

There were several different Stevens 22s with a 1907 patent date, so we cannot give you an exact date. If it is marked "J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co" it was made before 1920 and, of course, after the 1907 patent date.

What is the age and worth of a Stevens 22 pump visable loader repeater with serial number b887?

I don't know the value, but I have been looking for one for many years. My uncle had one and I dont know what happened to it. I would give more than $250.00 The visible loading repeaters were produced between 1907 and 1934. Excellent = $400, Very Good = $300, Good = $200, Poor = $100

When were most 1907 Stevens pump 22s made?

If it is a 1907 Steven's then it was made in 1907. Depending on the model and condition of the gun, it could be valued anywhere from $400 in excellent condition, to $100 in fair condition.

What is the age of a Stevens Visible Loading repeater serial x154 patented April 30 07?

You can narrow down the dates of production looking at the following information. Information was gleaned from a December, 1986 Amertican Rifleman article by Pete Dickey. In 1907, the J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. of Chicopee Falls, Mass., brought out a pump action .22 caliber rifle that was marked on the barrel, "Visible Loading Repeater". It was cataloged as the "Visible Loading No. 70", and was chambered in .22 short/long/long rifle. A .22 short only model, the Model 70 1/2, was also produced. Barrels were round in lengths of 20" or 22"., and the rifles had a straight grip stock. In 1916 the company name changed to J. Stevens Arms Co. The firm was eventually purchased by Savage Arms Co. in the 1920s. In the mid 1920's, the rifles catalog name was slightly changed to "Visible Loader" until 1931, when it was replaced with a similar "Visible Loader No. 71, which featured a 24" long octagon barrel and a pistol grip stock. The last Visible Loader was produced in 1934. About 100,000 were produced over the 26 year production span. The peculiar feature of the rifles is that the cartridges from the tubular magazine are fed straight up into the twin extractors on the breech face where they are, indeed, readily visible, unlike other pump actions. There is no "ejector" as such. An extracted round is ither pushed up and out of the extrractors by the following round being fed upward from the magazine, or if it is the last round or empty case in the rifle, by manual removal. These rifles were designed for "regular loadings", thus modern high speed cartridges should not be used in any of these rifles.

What is the age of a Stevens model 70 serial T775?

The Stevens Model 70 with the serial number T775 was manufactured between the years of 1907 to 1931. There were only 100,000 of these rifles produced.

What is the value of a 22 LR J Stevens Junior Model 11 patented July 7 1907?

about $234.00

What is the value of a J Stevens 12 gauge shot gun pat in Feb 1905 made in Aug 1907?

What is the value?

What is the age of a Remington 25 Stevens model 4 rolling block serial 180087?

The Rolling block was made in 1907

What is the value of a J Stevens visible loading repeater 22 cal pump rifle with the serial number 1874?

I'm not sure the actual value of one, but I purchased one last weekend for $215. The seller wanted $250 for it, but we finally agreed to $215. I think this one is a 1907.

Where can you find information about a J Stevens Company visible loading repeater pat apr 50-07?

The gun books such as Flayderman list information about the Visible Loader. The basic model was the #70. It was pretty much made 1907-early 1930s, and last assembled from remaining parts in 1941 after parts production ceased several years earlier. There are variations (Model 71, 71-1/2, etc.) that had different sights, an octagon barrel, different barrel lengths, and a pistol-grip stock instead of straight-grip, but they're all lumped together as Visible Loaders. Sometimes called "Miserable Loaders," they weren't the most mechanically perfect repeater ever made, but they're neat old guns.