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What is the approximate instantaneous voltage at 37 degrees on a 169 Vp sine wave?

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169sin(37*) = 101.7067389 (round to 101.7)

*=degrees (function found on TI Calculators under "Angle") you can not do like that generally VpSIN(Wt

2008-12-03 13:09:31
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What is the instantaneous voltage of a sine wave at 25 degrees if its peak voltage is 30 V?

12.68V 3o * sin25 = 12.67854785

Why are ac parameters are expressed in sine form like V equals Vmsinwt etc....?

Because the instantaneous voltage of any AC is proportional to either one sine function of time or else to the sum of several sine functions of time. So anything that depends on the instantaneous voltage of an AC ... like for example the instantaneous current through a circuit energized by that AC ... will also be proportional to those same sines.

What is the phase relationship of the input and output voltage of common source amplifier?

input voltage 180 sine graph while output voltage inverse of 180 degrees sine phase.

What is the approximate peak-to-peak voltage of a 2 VRMS sine wave?

the answer is 5.6vp-p

At what phase angle is the voltage momentarily constant in a sine wave?

We often see the peak and trough (maximum positive and maximum negative excursions) of the sine wave considered as points of momentarily constant voltage. Those points are at phase angles of 90 degrees and at 270 degrees.

What is the sine of 75 degrees?

The sine of 75 degrees is about 0.9659

How does time relate to degrees in an AC sine wave?

One cycle of the sine wave is equal to 360 degrees. In US the frequency of power is typically 60 Hz and hence one cycle is 1/60 of a second. Therefore you can calculate the degrees at any instant of time. If at zero degrees the voltage amplitude is zero, then at 90 degrees,which is 1/4 cycle, wave is at peak voltage. At 180 degrees it is at 1/2 cycle and zero voltage and then at 270 degrees it is 3/4 of the cycle and a peak negative voltage. Finally at 360 degrees the cycle is complete and the voltage is again zero.

What is RMS in electricity?

RMS stands for Root Mean Square. Power is calculated as V2/R where V is the voltage and R is the resistive component of a load, This is easy toi calculate for a DC voltage, but how to calculate it for a sinusoidal voltage? The answer is to take all the instantaneous voltages in the sine wave, square them, take the mean of the squares, then take the square root of the result. This is defined as the "heating effect voltage". For a sine wave, this is 0.707 of the peak voltage.

Why is the sine of 32 degrees greater than the sine of 59 degrees?

It's not. The sine of 32 degrees is approximately 0.53. The sine of 59 degrees is approximately 0.86. For a definition of sine, see: .

What is the sine of 20 degrees?

sine-1(0.3420201433) = 20 degrees

What is sine of angle 22.5 degrees?

The sine of 22.5 degrees is 0.383

What is the voltage at the 90 degree point of a sine wave with a maximum voltage of 10 volts?

10 Volts. ANSWER: ASSUMING a start when the voltage is at 0 and 0 degrees at 90 degrees is at maximum at 180 degrees is again at 0 v at 270 degrees is at the maximum negative potential and at 360 degrees is again at 0 v. the voltage is irrelevant in any case but it will follow these rules

What is sine for 77 degrees?

sin77 = 0.974 Therefore the sine of 77 degrees is 0.974

What is the sine of 52.5 degrees?

The sine of 52.5 degrees equals 0.79335334029124. Hope I helped!

What is the sine of 40 degrees?

sine 40° = 0.642788

If an AC voltage begins rising or going positive at 0 degrees when will it reach its maximum negative value?

It's a sine wave (if there is no distortion). Voltage is zero at 0 degrees, at its positive peak at 90 degrees, back to zero at 180 degrees, at its negative peak at 270 degrees, and back to zero at 360 degrees.

What is the peak of a voltage on a half wave rectified sine wave?

any voltage of a sine property will have a peak voltage xxxvolts times 1.41 the average will be .639 of that number

What is the value of the sine ratio for the angle 15 degrees?

sine(15 degrees) = 0.25882 (rounded)

What is the peak voltage of a sine wave that has an rms of 48 Voltage?


What is sine of 45?

0.70710678118654752440084436210485 ----------------------- Improve: If you mean 45 degrees then it equals: Sqrt (2) /2 (which is the exact form of the above approximate form)

What is sine voltage?

sine wave is the alternating current wave which is belongs to sinusoidal function.

How many degrees are in one cycle of a sine wave?

There are 360 degrees in one cycle of a sine wave.

What is the rms voltage for 144 volts modified sine wave?

if that 144 is the peak voltage if its a sine wave the rms voltage is that voltage divided by sqrt(2) if not a sine wave (modified) you must find the area under the curve by integrating a cycle of that wave shape (root mean squared)

Is the sine of an acute angle is greater that 1?

No. The sine of an acute angle is less than 1. An acute angle is less than 90 degrees. The sine of 0 degrees is 0, and the sine of 90 degrees is +1. So the sines of the angles between 0 degrees and 90 degrees are less than 1.

What is sine of 225?

Sine of 225 degrees = - 0.5 sqrt(2)