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What is the approximate insurance discount you receive after driving for over three years?


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2012-07-09 00:14:29
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This depends on alot of things depending on your driving record, your age, and your insurance company. Your insurance rates should decrease each year you have a claim free or clean driving record, but the amount depends on the insurance company. If you are younger your decreases will be smaller, and they seem to increase once you reach the majic age of 25. It is an enigma to try and guess how much since there are too many factors that only the insurance companies know about.


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Most states in the country allow insurance discounts for taking a defensive driving course. It is up to each individual insurance company how much that discount will be.

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Many companies offer discounts for people with a proven record of driving safely. You can also receive 10% off your insurance in some states by taking a defensive driving class.

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No. Your place of residence and driving record carry more weight than your 'employment' record.

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Insurance companies do offer discounted rates for drivers over the age of 50. Some insurance companies require you to take a driving course to receive this discount.

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