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What is the approximate value of a Winchester Model 1894 in 32 WS serial number 449410 in mint condition all original?


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The value of this M# 1894 can very considerably depending on the actual configuration of the firearm. A standard grade firearm in the condition you describe as in mint condition (I take this to mean no scratches, dings, or wear on either the wood or metal), in other words, as it came fron the factory. If this is the case $2000 seem about right, although if you were to get a couple of avid Winchester collectors bidding against each other it would probably fetch more. Options such as rare cal., checkering, barrel length, ect. can run the price up considerably. Note that your local gun shop would not give you this much as they like any other retail sales store must also make a profit. There are also different models of this firearm such as the Saddle Ring Carbine and the Trapper's carbine (very short barrel) which can effect the value. If it happens to be a Trapper's Carbine get it in a gun safe right now. Also note that the short barrel length of some of the Trapper's Carbine can get you in trouble with the Fed's.