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What is the architecture of DVD RAM?

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microsoft has a great page on this .. here is the link. hope it helps..

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Desribe the difference between DVD-r and DVD-ram?

The difference between the DVD-R and DVD-Ram is that, DVD-R does Writing and Reading of information and DVD-Ram does Reading only.

Describe the difference between DVD-r and DVD-ram?

ram holds more

Why can't i write a DVD plus rw to a DVD ram drive?

When you buy a DVD-Ram you have to make sure that it is rated for DVD+/-RW, it usually says in on the computer, or on the box itself (if you bought the DVD-Ram separately) Most new DVD-Ram drives have DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-DL, DVD+DL. But there are some companies that haven't implemented the + and the -

How much capacity does a DVD-RAM have?

A DVD-RAM has a capacity of 1.6 GB

What has the author Ram Karmi written?

Ram Karmi has written: 'Adrikhalut lirit' -- subject(s): Architecture, Modern, Modern Architecture

What is the maximum capacity of DVD-ram?


What is DVD-RAM?

DVD-RAM is one of many available formats used for creating re-writeable dvd disks. These are typically used in camcorders and other devices that utilize re-recordable dvd disks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a DVD-ram?

A DVD-RAM is longlasting and can be rewritten over a lot of times. Also it comes i a case so that it does not get damaged.

What is an example of RAM?


Is DVD-RAM an example of RAM?

Generally, no. In general use, RAM is used to refer to your computer's RAM that loses its contents when it is powered off. A DVD-RAM retains its contents even when powered off, so it would not be RAM. Moreover, the DVD-RAM drive is just like another DVD drive that is connected to your CPU through the IDE controller, while RAM is connected to the CPU through the internal data buses.

What is the difference between DVD r and DVD ram?

they are the same

What has the author Ram Raz written?

Ram Raz has written: 'Essays on the architecture of the Hindus'

What is the storage capacity of DVD RAM?

Answer: The storage capacity of DVD RAM Single layer 4GB Double layer 8GB

Can matshita-DVD-ram-uj-850s-ata-device use dual layer DVD?

im interessed

What is DVD ram drive?


What are the advantages of DVD RAM?


Why are there different types of RAM?

The different types of computer architecture makes it important to have different types of RAM that suit them. The architecture may be on the number of bits that the motherboard supports.

Which of the following is not a permanent storage medium Hard disk Optical disk DVD or RAM?

DVD and RAM are not permanent storage devices.

What is the difference between DVD-r and DVD-ram?

Just logig to this will get more than what you need.

Can Matshita-DVD-ram-uj-850s-ATA-device use DVD plus R?

I have the same drive as yours and mine doesn't recognize this kind of DVD.

What DVD discs can I buy that can be re-used?

DVD-RAM and DVD-RW disks are erasable and reusable

What will not retain data after the computer is turned off DVD ram rom harddrive?


Is DVD an optical storage device?

A DVD is the media that data is written to. A DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD/RW etc is the optical storage device.

What is the difference between DVD writer and DVD RAM?

There is a type of DVD called DVD-RAM. It is rewritable, and supports up to 100,000 rewrites, as opposed to 1,000, for the +rw, and -rw standard. It also has greater error correction ability. DVD-RAM can act like a slow hard drive, in that you can write files directly to the disk, as well as delete individual files. I myself have not seen many DVD drives that support DVD-ram, most likely because the media is expensive, not widley avalible, and exceeds the need of the average user.

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