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Assimilation occurred in Australia toward the Aborigine people in the 1950s. The government wanted the Aborigines as well as other foreigners to become more British, and they were forced off of their land to live among others.

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Q: What is the assimilation policies of the 1950s?
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What is one-way assimilation?

Policies aimed at the assimilation of ethnic groups where equality is the professed goal. There are many criticisms of one-way assimilation. Google it.

How does the term benevolent assimilation apply to US policies in the Philippines?

Philippine annexation would be peaceful if nobody resisted.

Was Eisnehower a democrat or Republican?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was, in the 1950s, a Republican. If he was active in politics today and had the same policies he had in the 1950s, he'd be a moderate Democrat.

How did US achieve total assimilation?

The United States has not achieved total assimilation of all individuals or groups. Assimilation policies in the past have led to efforts to force marginalized communities to adopt dominant cultural norms, but this has often created social inequalities. Many groups continue to maintain their distinct identities and resist assimilation efforts in order to preserve their culture and traditions.

What effects would Cyrus the Great policies of assimilation have had on the peoples of such a vast and diverse region as the Persian Empire?

Cyrus did not have a policy of assimilation - the Persian Empire allowed its component peoples to retain their local governance, customs and cultures, supervised by provincial and imperial government.

Why is it that only 12 senators can be elected during elections?

Because they have rotating terms--the whole senate would not be replaced at once. That helps continuity in policies and assimilation of newbies.

What are two major federal assimilation policies?

the war in Iraq and the wazakowsi-jiltaditznuts treaty signed in 1879 by john cowell hurley wazakowski and yturria osam jiltaditznuts.

What are two major policies of assimilation?

Two major policies of assimilation are forced assimilation, where the dominant culture imposes its norms and values on minority cultures, often leading to the loss of language, traditions, and cultural practices. The other policy is voluntary assimilation, where individuals or groups willingly adopt the dominant culture, often to gain social acceptance or opportunities.

The sand creek of 1864 and the Battle at wounded Knee in 1890 are examples of what U.S. policy toward Native Americans?

Allotment and Assimilation policies. Or, make them follow white American culture

A sentence for assimilation?

The assimilation into our society by foreigners is a bad idea.

What is biological assimilation?

Assimilation is the absorbtion of biological nutrients into the cell

What is 'assimilation' when translated from English to Italian?

"Assimilation" in English is assorbimento in Italian.