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While most people believe that the attention span of a goldfish is a few seconds this has been proven wrong. A study done by the School of Psychology at the University or Plymouth in 2003 proved that the attention span of a gold fish is three months.

EDIT: The attention span and memory span is two different things! The memory span has been proven not to be 3 sec, but up to 3 months. The attention span however for a fish is very short as they tend to get bored easy.
Most bielieve 2 or 3 seconds but it is proven that it is 3 months or so

Look Up comet the gold fish

Proves it is smart

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Q: What is the attention span of a goldfish?
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Which animals have short attention spans?

A goldfish. their attention span's about 3 seconds.

How long is a fishes attention span?

a goldfish is 3 seconds

What is the attention span of a betta fish?

While there are no real studies about the length of the attention span of a betta fish, it seems to be about the same as a goldfish. That would make a betta's attention span about three minutes.

What animal has the shortest attention span?

I heard it was the goldfish at three seconds or something like that

What is the attention span of a fish?

While most people believe that the attention span of a goldfish is a few seconds this has been proven wrong. A study done by the School of Psychology at the University or Plymouth in 2003 proved that the attention span of a gold fish is three months.

What can a goldfish do?

I've heard of one being trained to jump through a hoop, but other than that they are just there to entertain you. Fun fact: A goldfish's attention span is 3 seconds.

Why are goldfish called goldfish?

They are called goldfish because they are gold and there fish.

What is the collective noun for goldfish?

The collective nouns are a glint of goldfish, a troubling of goldfish.

What does it mean when a goldfish is silver?

Nothing. A goldfish is a goldfish, not a gold fish.

How long is a goldfish's memory span?

It actually has a memory span of a month. I read this in a book. Don't blame me if it is wrong. This is because a goldfish always recognizes it's owner, knows when it should be fed. It only has the attention span of 3 seconds.

Plural for goldfish?

Goldfishes There is no plural for goldfish. Goldfish itself is plural. Example: Hey Bob, can I see that goldfish you caught? Example2: Hey Bob, can I see those goldfish you caught?

Who has a three second attention span?

Certainly not goldfish. That old saying has been proven to be incorrect. Goldfish can easily be trained and simply by comming up to where they are used to being fed indicates that they do have a good memory.

Do goldfish live on land?

goldfish do not live on land

What is the collective noun for a group of goldfish?

Collective nouns for goldfish are:a troubling of goldfisha glint of goldfish

Do goldfish have relatives?

yes goldfish do have realitives they are relatives of pickles

How many year did goldfish live?

The lifespan of a goldfish is determined by the care and maintenance of the goldfish and goldfish's home , whether or not it is getting essential nutrients and is fed a proper diet, and if the genetics of the goldfish are good. Also a factor that can determine the lifespan of a goldfish is whether the goldfish's owner did much needed research about the goldfish before purchasing one - or if they choose to remain ignorant about goldfish and their needs. If a goldfish is taken good care of through-out its life- and is not constantly, if not ever, subjected to stressful situations- other than the time it is acquired and introduced to its home (remember to always quarantine for at least 30 days before doing this) you can expect the fish to live up to +20 years- maybe even longer.

How long does it take for the average person to get bored?

If boredom is considered the point in time at which we abandon one thought in pursuit of another, science ( The National Centre for Biotechnology Information) indicates that the average attention span of a human being us about 8 seconds. This is a drop from the average attention span of 12 seconds in 2000. A real concern is that the attention span of the average goldfish is 9 seconds. If you stare at a goldfish you will be interested in it for shorter period of time than it is interested in you!

What's the difference between a female and a male goldfish?

They're is several things that make male goldfish and female goldfish different -Male goldfish are smaller than female goldfish -female goldfish will have a rounder body when the male has a slimmer looking body -males will develop breeding tubercules on their head,gills, and fins during breeding season-male goldfish may chase a female goldfish's rear -males will have more pointed fins when females have rounded fins instead

How fast does a fair goldfish die?

It depend's on how the goldfish is being treated.

Can bettas be with goldfish?

Yes, but no. What I mean isIF the goldfish has long, flowing fins the male Betta will mistake it for another male Betta and attack it, but if it doesn't like a common goldfish or a Shubunkin goldfish than they should be fine. REMEMBER THAT GOLDFISH ARE NOT TROPICAL UNLIKE THE BETTA SO YOU COULDN'T EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO!!

Do fantail goldfish fight with comet goldfish?

I don't think so. Most goldfish are friendly to almost every kind of goldfish. But I'm not so sure.

Can goldfish live with tadpols in a garden pond?

no the goldfish would it the tadpole

Can you feed goldfish and guppies the same food?

Yes, I keep both guppies and goldfish in my aquarium. I feed them both tropical or goldfish flakes. They will eat them both! Goldfish will usually consume any fish food.

Muppet with a goldfish named Dorothy?

Elmo from Sesame Street has a Goldfish Called Dorothy

How much goldfish does a 30 oz Goldfish Colors pack have?

I would guess 367

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