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While most people believe that the attention span of a goldfish is a few seconds this has been proven wrong. A study done by the School of Psychology at the University or Plymouth in 2003 proved that the attention span of a gold fish is three months.

EDIT: The attention span and memory span is two different things! The memory span has been proven not to be 3 sec, but up to 3 months. The attention span however for a fish is very short as they tend to get bored easy.
Most bielieve 2 or 3 seconds but it is proven that it is 3 months or so

Look Up comet the gold fish

Proves it is smart

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Q: What is the attention span of a goldfish?
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What is the attention span of a betta fish?

While there are no real studies about the length of the attention span of a betta fish, it seems to be about the same as a goldfish. That would make a betta's attention span about three minutes.

How long is a goldfish's memory span?

It actually has a memory span of a month. I read this in a book. Don't blame me if it is wrong. This is because a goldfish always recognizes it's owner, knows when it should be fed. It only has the attention span of 3 seconds.

How long does it take for the average person to get bored?

If boredom is considered the point in time at which we abandon one thought in pursuit of another, science ( The National Centre for Biotechnology Information) indicates that the average attention span of a human being us about 8 seconds. This is a drop from the average attention span of 12 seconds in 2000. A real concern is that the attention span of the average goldfish is 9 seconds. If you stare at a goldfish you will be interested in it for shorter period of time than it is interested in you!

Who has a three second attention span?

Certainly not goldfish. That old saying has been proven to be incorrect. Goldfish can easily be trained and simply by comming up to where they are used to being fed indicates that they do have a good memory.

What is the attention span of a shrimp?

A shrimp does not have a very long attention span. No one has measured the actual attention span of a shrimp.

What is the attention span of a gnat?

the attention span of a gnat is about .210005 of a second

What are the different factors of students attention span?

what is the span of attention in psychology?

What is the attention span of a whale?

The attention span of a killer whale is about 62 seconds.

What does a goldfish have a memory span of?

At least three months.

Do goldfish only have a memory span of 3 seconds?

goldfish do have longer than a 3 second memory

What fish is said to be forgetful?

The goldfish It is said a goldfish only has a memory span of just a few seconds

What is the difference between tension span and attention span?

A tension span is the amount of suppressed temper someone has and an attention span is the amount of concentration one has on a certain subject or activity.