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Q: What is the authors message in the boook timothy of The Cay?
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What is the authors message for the book The Cay?

He is gay

When was Timothy of The Cay created?

Timothy of the Cay was created in 1993.

How did Timothy die in the book The Cay?

Timothy is eventually killed by a hurricane which sweeps across the cay.

What does black hens lay white eggs mean in the book Timothy of The Cay?

In Timothy of the Cay, that phrase means that the different races can have things in common. Racism is discussed in Timothy of the Cay, but doesn't play as big a part as in The Cay.

Where do you think the cay Timothy and Phillip land is located?

Where do you think the cay Timothy and Phillip land is located

How many pages are in timothy of The Cay?

Timothy of the Cay has 176 pages. It was written 24 years after The Cay by Theodore Taylor. It is a prequel/sequel.

In The Cay where does timothy decide their cay is located?

its in the devils mouth

In the story The Cay by Theodore Taylor What does Phillip say at Timothy's grave?

"Dis b'dat outrageous cay, eh, Timothy?"

When was timothy born in the book The Cay?

Timothy was born in the 1870s

How did timothy show sympathy in The Cay?


What is timothy and Phillips urgent need for the rescue in The Cay?

the urgent need is for them to get out of the cay

What is a cay from the book the cay?

It's just an island where Timothy and Phillip live in.

Who is hnnha in the book The Cay?

Hannha raise timothy in the book called the cay.

What happens to timothy in The Cay?

timothy dies at the end after saving Philip

When was Timothy of The Cay written?


How old is timothy in the cay?


What is the setting of timothy of The Cay?


Who is the static character in the book The Cay?

Phillip and Timothy

What is an example of an oxymoron in The Cay?

When Timothy says something

What is the prequel-sequel to The Cay?

The prequel/sequel is called Timothy of the Cay, I would recommend it.

What happens on chapter fourteen The Cay The Cay?

Timothy and Phillip got ready for the storm

What did Phillip and Timothy drink in The Cay?

Phillip and Timothy only (and have to) drink water.

In timothy of The Cay how does the story end?

At the end of the story, Phillip got his sight back and go to back the cay. And he also asked Timothy:" Dis b'dat outrageous cay, eh, Timothy?" (This is that outrageous cay, eh, Timothy?) On the wind that was rustling the palms I thought I heard laughter, and a voice from above said, "Dis be it, Phill-eep..."(This is it, Phillip) I wasn't dreaming.

What is a statement that Philip said from timothy of The Cay?

"Dis b'dat outrageous cay, eh, Timothy?" He heard what sounded like laughter as a response, followed by Timothy's voice responding, "Dis be it, Phill-eep..."

How did Timothy and Phillip get stranded on the cay?

The ship Phillip boarded and Timothy worked on was torpedoed and Timothy put Phillip on one of the life boats while he was unconcious. They ended up going to the cay and the story goes from there.