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For Carnegie Mellon, according to the Princeton Review, the average acceptance GPA is 3.61.

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Q: What is the average GPA of students accepted in MIT Stanford Berkeley Carnegie Mellon for undergraduate studies?
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What percentage of applicants get accepted into Stanford?

only about 10% of the applicants get accepted

Can anyone who has been a Stanford student answer whether one can get accepted by Stanford without submitting SAT scores and graduate?


What are my chances for being accepted to Stanford?

between a 3.85 and 3.9?

How Out of 100 how many are accepted into Berkeley?

Approximately 5/100.

Is Berkeley clarinet the best choice?

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How many students get accepted to Stanford each year?

"Stanford has received 30,349 applications for undergraduate admission to the Class of 2013, a 20 percent increase over last year's total and an all-time high. " See:

What is the average GPA for incoming freshman at Stanford?

I'm not sure about UCB, but the average GPA of accepted freshmen for Stanford is around 4.3

Do you have to be a nursing undergraduate major to to accepted into a nursing graduate school?

Yes, typically that is the appropriate path.

What are the requirments to get into Stanford university?

There is no specific requirements for Stanford University. But you must be intelligent and your previous educational performances must be excellent. You also must have to score very high in SAT. It is quite difficult to get admission in Stanford. They only choose the best students. You must be outstanding to be accepted as student in Stanford. Chances of being accepted for admission in Stanford University is very low. Only about 25 percent of total applications submitted are approved for admission in Stanford University. UPDATE BY C.B.-- Stanford is looking for students with exceptional leadership and social skills. They are looking for students with excellent grades, high-level classes, extracurricular activities in and out of school, community service hours, and other things that show that you are an all round great student. You have to write an excellent essay to prove that you deserve to go to Stanford and prove that you will be dedicated to achieving success through your years in Stanford.

Do you need a undergraduate degree to practice chiropractic in Canada?

At the moment an undergraduate degree is not required to practice chiropractic in Canada. To be accepted into chiropractic college you must have completed at least 3 years of a university undergraduate degree. That being said, in 2008, 2009 and 2010, over 80% of students accepted into the chiropractic program at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) had completed their full 4 year undergraduate degree, and 2% also had a masters degree or PhD.

What collage does shawn johnson want to go to?

UCLA DUKE STANFORD those are her 3 choices.. she has been accepted to other colleges as well

What are the top uc schools?

Different UCs have better programs in different fields, but typically the toughest UCs to get accepted to are UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD.