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This question does not have an exact answer. There are too many variables. Someone could give you an average amount of inches, but the true answer is determined by genetics & environment. If the parents are both under 5'7", the child will definitely not grow as tall as a child whose mother is 5'9" and whose father is 6'3". Diet and exercise can play a vital role in developement also. If a child sits and watches t.v. all day and eats maccaroni and cheese and potato chips all the time, chances are that he won't develope the same as a child who eats a variety of vegetables and fruits, and who climbs trees and runs around the yard all day long. An "average # of inches" will not be acurate for your child specifically.

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Q: What is the average amount of height somebody will grow in a growth spurt?
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What will be your average height?

To find out, you must look at your growth rate in the past.

Is height affected by weight training?

Weight training increases the amount of Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary gland. The hormone that increases your height.

How do I correct the height age on the growth curve for a child who height is below the curve?

You don't. They are just shorter than average for that age.

Does height growth plus work?

at the 18 age can be growth in height

What is the Average weight for 170cm?

Depends what Average is for your Age. You can check a growth chart that matches up your height and age with the average weight you should be at. Google it.

What is average height of 14 years old Indian boy?

On average 5-6 feet, depending on if he has had his growth spurt yet.

Average height of an eleven year old boy?

According to the growth chart at (downloadable) average height is around 145cm, or 57''. That's just over four and a half feet. Remember, this is just an average - height varies depending on weight and genetics, and children have growth spurts at different times - if your child is unusually tall or short for his age, that doesn't necessarily mean he'll always be tall or short. I'm 5'4 and I'm 11..... and a boy.

What is the height of an average newborn baby?

15 to 21 inches The average height of the newborn baby depends on his or her gender. To compute for your baby's height percentile, you need to mention the birth date, gender and your baby's height, so you can have an accurate findings based on WHO Growth Chart.

What is the average height of a four year old white female?

For information on growth chart check out the website and then click on the link "growth charts".

What is tha average height for a six teen year old boy?

my height is 5 foot and i am 14 year old ,my growth is very low

What is Average height of 19 month old boy?

The child growth charts in my sons health book state that the average height for a 19 month old boy is 83cm or 32 3/4".

How tall will you be if you are 12 and 5'2?

With proper nutrition and healthy environment does inspire quality Growth. The average height of a 12 year old about 4' 11". 5' 9" is about the average adult height in America.

Why you used trend lines in graph?

Average plant height is not affected by the amount of multivitamin.

Is 5 ft 7 a good height for fifteen year old?

Thats an average height for a male of that age. Bear in mind that your growth is still in process

What is the average height of a 8th grade boy?

The average height of a 8 th grader boy varys between 4'11 and 5'6. If you are under or over this average, don't worry, it's normal to hit your growth spurt at different times

What is the historical average height of an average man?

The historical average height of an average height is 5'9.

How much is an orang-utan growth?

An adult Orang utan is on average 1.36 centimetres. The average 9 - 10 year old's height!

Can black coffee help in increasing height?

Black coffee and any coffee actually stops or can slow down growth. A major amount of caffeine can also slow growth.

Average height fourteen year old female?

Height varies for all individuals, but a healthy height of an average 14-year old is 5'4-5'7, but height is not a matter of health, unless it is related to the spine or spine defects.If you are severely under height, you may want to contact your doctor, as you might have a growth abnormality.

Can 21 years women did have any height growth?

iam 21year old did have any height growth

What is the average height for you in Bulgaria?

Average male height: 1.75 Average female height: 1.63

Do growth pills for height really work?

No growth pills for height do not work. If you have an underdeveloped pituitary gland your doctor may give you growth hormone shots that stimulate growth.

Does height affect your health?

height totally affects your health in your weight and growth if somebody dosent have enough healthy protins then they will not be taller than most people it also has to do with genetics like if most your family is shorter than you will maybe be the same

Does piercing your ears affect your height growth?

no it has nothing to do with your growth

What is the average height of an Indian?

there is no average height of an Indian it is like saying what is an average height of a white or black person there is not an answer