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What is the average amount of money earned by a famous singer?



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probly about millions

To better answer this question let us first consider two things. First and most importantly, the individuals ability to draw a very large audience within an entire country to even the majority of the industrialized world. Second and equally as important, is the individuals contract. In one example and from my personal years of research, let us consider Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, aka Slim Shady. Mr. Mathers received his first contract from recording artist and very accomplished producer and entertainer Dr. Dre and his Aftermath Label. After which Eminem was widely accepted throughout the world, far more than any one person would have been able to estimate. Eminem went on to sell more than 60 million Cds and sold out many live performances where audiences exceeded at times 50,000 fans who each paid an average ticket price of $35.00. One show of this nature would gross one million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, plus merchandise items such as T shirts and so on. In the beginning Mr. Mathers would have been lucky if his contract guaranteed him fifty cents per CD sold. With so many hands out, there isn't a whole lot of profit in the sale of CDs, unless you can sell millions. After which, Marshall might be able to renegotiate his contract but his take home profit from each CD sale still wouldn't amount to much more than fifty cents. However, fifty cents multiplied by the sale of sixty million CD sales equals thirty million dollars. The downfall is that the majority of accomplished singers get hooked on illegal drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol. It's then that they can die from an overdose, become so addicted that they can no longer perform or create and finally they get dropped from their label. After taxes and living a short life of fame and fortune many of these type of entertainers end up either broke or dead. Even Mr. Mathers ended up in a Rehab clinic as he himself shared in interviews and later in his songs. Today I have no clue of Eminem's life. I do know that he made millions of dollars more from his investment in the singer and producer Fifty Cents. I even drove to Mr. Mather's mansion one day. He lives in Rochester Michigan on a dead end dirt road. I don't think he would appreciate me sharing the name of the road but for you geniuses to even Eminem himself I'll make one statement to prove I was there. First hint would be "The Fonze" and second, I left a nice piece of metal art that I made for him and his daughter and for my own appreciation of his accomplishments and uphill journey.