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About 7-10 years.


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orbit. stride lasts the least amount of time.

The average tornado lasts for 5 to 10 minutes.

The average tornado lasts for about 5 minutes.

The average tornado lasts about 10 minutes.

Duration refers to the amount of time anything lasts, but it can also pertain to music and sound.

Two hours + (15-30 minutes additional)

The amount of time the washing cycle lasts. Rinse and spin cycles aren't included in that time.

A spike in the current that lasts a short amount of time and then returns to the nominal current.

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the average time any couples have sex is between 7 and 13 minutes.

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no a flood only lasts a short amount of time while droughts can last for years

The average Dog pregnancy lasts for around 9 weeks from time of conception.

An average of 87% in enclosed buildings in the US.

The average gestation period for a Dog lasts around 9 weeks from time of conception.

it depends on the amount of time you have. I would say about 3 to 5.

The professional life of an NFL quarterback is short. The average length of an NFL quarterback's career is only 4.4 years.

(change in distance) divided by (time interval) = the object's average speed during that time interval.

Lasts i gather you mean it as "How long does it last" or "it lasts a long time" if so then it is "tsuzuku" "dono gurai tsuzuki masuka" = "How long does it last" "naga aida tsuzukimasu" = "it lasts a long time"

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