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What is the average construction cost per square foot in Northern Colorado?

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2008-08-29 18:24:53

I am in the log home industry, and from all the local Colorado

contractors that I have spoken to, thay are saying new

constructions are starting at around $175 per SF and go up from

there. I am an architect and the above number can vary greatly

depending an many variables (does it include contractor OH&P?,

are there large rocks to move?, is it on the side of the hill

requiring special foundations?, is it far from the material

resourses? need well, septic, etc?) Also remember that a house in

the mountains takes much longer to build due to an unusually short

construction window - up to 2 years instead of 6-12 months

elsewhere. You could EASILY be looking at $350/SF after 2 more

years of escalation. Talking to a reputable builder is your best


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