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Sorry but there is no average, rates are dependent on may variables, contact a few agents for quotes.

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Q: What is the average cost for motorcycle insurance for a 51-yr old male and a 1984 Honda VF700C Magna motorcycle?
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What should the average miles per gallon be for an 86 Honda Magna VF700c?

I have a 85 Honda Magna VF700C and I get around 38 mpg in town and Hwy riding I get around 45 mpg Hope this helpsLenard

Looking for obsolete vf700c Honda magna parts?

Obsolete VF700cc Honda Magna parts can be found at motorcycle salvage yards. There are a few motorcycle salvage yards located in almost every state of the United States.

What is the difference between an Honda VT700 and a VF700C?

The VT700C is the Honda Shadow and the VF700C is the Honda Magna. The biggest difference between them is the Shadow has 2 cylinders and the Magna has 4.

What is the spark plug gap for a Honda vf700c?

.035 is what I was told!

What is the MPG on the average Honda motorcycle?

The average MPG depends on what type of Honda motorcycle you are riding on. For example, a 2005 Honda VLX600 Shadow gets 49 MPG, while the 2005 Honda Rebel 250 gets 73 MPG.

What is the average cost for motorcycle insurance for an 18 year old male and a 2004 Honda Shadow?

depends on the state you live in and believe it or not your credit score factors into this

What kind of oil and how much for a 1985 Honda Magna V45 VF700C?

its 10w 40 and 3.5q

Do you have to insure your motorcycle in fl?

Motorcycle insurance is not required in Florida. Banks will require you to carry it if motorcycle has lien. Most major manufacturers(Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.) do not require insurance if you finanace through them. Must have insurance to ride without a helmet in Florida, though.

What is the oil capacity of a 1984 Honda vf700c magna?

3.1 Quarts....Honda Oil GN4 10w-40w or Shell Rotella T Synthetic.

Is Honda motorbike insurance higher than the average car insurance?

When looking to buy insurance for your Honda motorbike, keep in mind that the price for insurance will vary depending on which insurance company you choose.

Where can you buy a fuel pump for a 1986 Honda magna vf700c as the part is discontinued?

Long shot but try

Honda AC05E engine code - what model Honda motorcycle is this engine from?

Honda PE01E engine code - what model Honda motorcycle is this engine from?

How much is motorcycle liability insurance on a 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot?

Too many variables, call and ask your agent!

Honda cbr f4i?

its a motorcycle made by Honda

what year is this honda motorcycle engine # cb550e-1080714?

what year is this honda motorcycle engine # cb550e-1080714

When was Honda made?

Honda BEGAN in Japan as a motorcycle manufacturer, and produced their first complete motorcycle in 1949.

how to chang oil in a 1986 honda goldwing motorcycle?

how to change oil in a 1986 honda gold wing motorcycle

Anyone have a diagram for a petcock for a Honda 150 Benly?

The Honda motorcycle diagram can be obtained from most Honda motorcycle dealerships. Many Honda automobile dealerships will have access to the diagram.

Can you use a Yamaha motorcycle part on a honda motorcycle?

No, most Yamaha bike parts can not be used with Honda. Honda has some specific parts that may only be replaced by Honda.

What is the model for Honda motorcycle with C102e engine?

The honda super cub

What motorcycle does Charlie Sheen ride in the movie hot shots?

It's a Honda Transalp.

What was the first Honda motorcycle called?

the dream

What is the most comfortable motorcycle?

honda goldwing

Where can one find Honda motorcycle dealers in the USA?

There are many Honda motorcycle dealers in the USA. One can visit the official Honda motorcycles website in order to find a Honda motorcycles dealer nearby.

When was the Honda CB125 manufatured?

The Honda CB125 was a motorcycle made by Honda. The motorcycle was manufactured from 1971 to 1975. It had an overhead camshaft engine, and could maintain speeds of 89km/h.