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What is the average cost of a 400 square foot addition on a ranch home either by square foot or total?


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It depends on how you define a sunroom. A sunroom made with either aluminum, pvc, or wood with 80% glass walls can range between 200 - 600 a square foot. An addition can start at 110 a square foot and go to 400 a square foot.

Cost per square feet for a home addition depends on several variables. These variables include;

-How much of the work will be done by people you hire versus how much you will do yourself.

-What rooms will be added - bathrooms are more expensive than a garage as 2 extremes

-Which contractor you hire - and where you live. Labor rates and profit goals of contractors vary greatly across the country

-The design of the addition. Is it simple or complicated.

-The types of materials and fixtures you select. Simple door know can range in cost from $5 to $500.


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