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The average cost of auto insurance depends on a lot of factors. Your age, driving record, location, type of car, and whether or not you have a garage or alarm, all play a factor in how much your auto insurance will cost.

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Q: What is the average cost of auto insurance in AZ?
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Does auto insurance cost more in AZ than in MA?

No. Massachusetts is a very expensive state for auto insurance. Most states will be cheaper.

What is an average rate for auto insurance in the Phoenix, AZ area?

In 2007, the average Arizona household paid between $1700-$1,900 for car insurance.

Is AZ a no fault state auto insurance?

No it is not

Who sales auto insurance in AZ to teenagers?

Most companies require that you be over the age of 16 when purchasing auto insurance. The minimum insurance policy one can have in AZ is liability. Some auto insurance companies in Mesa, AZ that you can contact are Aall Insurance, Brooke Insurance, Clifford Insurance, or Farmer Insurance. There are also many more available, look around and find the one to best fit your needs.

Can you get auto insurance in AZ with an out of state drivers license?

Yes you can. I am insured with Insurance Locators in Mesa.

Where in Phoenix, AZ can I find affordable auto insurance?

John016: Check Progressive ( for the most competitive auto insurance rates nationwide.

What are some auto insurance companies in AZ?

State Farm and Metlife are two popular and well respected auto insurance companies in Arizona.

Where can I find information on auto insurance for AZ?

The requirements for auto insurance vary based off of what state you live in and what company you are currently holding insurance with. In order to find out about these, ask.

Can i use a financial bond to replace auto insurance in Arizona?

Not sure but may, contact the AZ Dept of Insurance.

Does Arizona have no-fault auto insurance?

No fault insurance is a good option. There are copanies in AZ that offer this service.

Where can I find low rates on auto insurance in AZ?

Progressive gives competitive rates on car insurance in your area.

Does Allstate provide auto insurance in AZ?

Yes, and you can get a quote if you check out their website and fill out the information.

Where is the compnay AZ Auto Insurance based?

Switch to AAA Auto Insurance today and enjoy savings, security and service. Caring Service: Understanding your car insurance needs, budget and lifestyleโ€”that's the key to finding you the right coverage. Their insurance agents are dedicated to helping you, just like their legendary tow truck drivers ://

What are some major auto insurance carriers that provide coverage in AZ?

Allstate is a goos one. Farmers insurance also provides coverage.

What is the average cost for home insurance in Phoenix, AZ?

The average premium depends on coverage. You can find a list of premiums for the amounts of coverage here

What is the average price for motorcycle insurance in AZ?

It is difficult to determine an average cost of insurance, no matter what state you live in. There are several factors in calculating the cost of motorcycle insurance for an individual. Some of these factors include your age, experience, driving record, location, etc. Insurance companies will also need to factor in what type of bike you are riding and what the value of that bike is. The best way to figure out what the cost of motorcycle insurance will be for you is to request a quote from a motorcycle insurance company. Here is one website that will allow you to request a motorcycle insurance quote online:

Where in Arizona can i find auto repair insurance?

Car insurance for residents of the state of Arizona can be found at Another good option is

How much on average does a pack of cigarettes cost in Arizona?

how much do a pack of marlboro cigarettes cost in the phoenix, az area?

Where can I get a listing of insurance agents and brokers in Phoenix, AZ?

You can find a list of insurance agents and brokers in Phoenix Az at

If you live in AZ and your spouse in NE and you have AZ tags for a new car that is in his name does the car have to be insured in AZ or NE?

When thru this in Aug of 2005 and AZ DMV was going to revoke title, registration, driver's lic, and chg me a $50 fine unless I fixed promptly; had to buy AZ Auto Insur coverage versus NC insurance; specifically asked if NC coverage would work and was told "insur has to be written in same state as auto registration." Sorry

Where can one purchase health insurance in Bullhead City AZ?

One can purchase health insurance in Bullhead City, AZ at various insurance companies. One can purchase health insurance in Bullhead City, AZ at Ventana Health Systems Inc. and Statewide Express.

How do you disability insurance in AZ?

You need to contact a licensed insurance agent who can provide multiple companies and options for you to choose. Disability insurance depends on what your occupation is and what duties you have. A Disability Insurance expert will be able to find the best cost/benefits for your situation.

Where could one find cheap az car insurance?

There are several companies that one can find cheap AZ car insurance. These companies include Progressive, Titan Insurance, Oasis Insurance, and Nationwide.

What services are offered by AZ Car insurance?

AZ Car Insurance, or Arizona Car Insurance, offers easy, affordable insurance to any resident of the state of Arizona. Their official website allows visitors to get free insurance quotes.

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