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What is the average dentist fee in Tijuana Mexico?

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It depends on what you're looking for. For example a set of dental implants cost US$500 for a set of porcelain teeth

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Can your dentist charge you full fee instead of the contracted fee after your benefits are maxed out for the year?

Yes and no. It all depends on the dentist's contract with your insurance plan. There is no standard answer to this question.

Can your dentist charge interest fee on your bill every month if you continue to pay him monthly?

yes he will that is what mine does

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It depends on the office policies especially those on the treatment plan papers you might have signed when you first started going there :-)

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As long as you are willing to follow their protocols (ie fill out new patient paperwork, allow the dentist to conduct his own exam, and you agree to pay the fee) there is no reason why any dentist would not want to treat you.

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How much does a dentist make for overtime?

Dentist are usually the business owner or a partner in the business, so they don't get overtime. Rather than being paid by the hour, they receive a portion of the fee the patient pays or a portion of the business profits.

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How much does a failed root canal job cost?

Call the dentist that did your root canal or any current dentist. When the nerve dies the tooth turns grey. Then the tooth has to be pulled. Depending on where your 'root canal' is, you may need a bridge or implant. This was my experience. Cost would depend on the dentist fee and insurance consideration. Blessings.

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A grant writer can charge any fee that you are willing to agree too.

How much do dental lab technicians charge dentist to make dentures?

It depends on the talent of the tech and the talent of the dentist. Most dentists do several checks to make the dentures, and each check requires the lab to do something. The fee for a dentist ranges from $300 to $1000 depending on the type of teeth, the difficulty of the case, and the number of checks required to make the denture.

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The fee amoutn will vary depending on the processor. An charge in the amount of 1.5% is average.