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Sperm exposed to the air on items like clothing, bed linens or toilet seats lose mobility (the ability to swim) rapidly. Once semen dries out, the sperm die.

That said, males should take basic caution after sex to ensure that any semen that may have come about from ejaculation is cleaned up (wash hands!) so as not to have any "unintended consequences".


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Ejaculation is the process that releases sperm from the body. Sperm is released from the penis during ejaculation.

On ejaculation it is at body temperature

It can live up to a half hour after ejaculation under the absolute best conditions,

sperm is kept alive outside of the body by freezing it.

Urethra carries sperm and urine to the outside of the body

Sperm can last outside of the human body for a few hours.

Sperm only last's a few hours outside of the body

Sperm is made in the testicles. The testicles only hold sperm. The vas deferens and the prostate gland secrete semen (the liquid portion of ejaculation) and when sperm are released they mix with the semen and both are secreted during ejaculation. Hope that helps

They don't swim outside the body.

Some fish egg and sperm meet in water outside the body.

The method that gets the sperm out is called ejaculation. This occurs during sexual activity, usually in masturbation or intercourse.

inside the body is too warm for the sperm to survive. being outside cools it down.

Sperm are produced automatically by the testicles. A healthy diet and avoiding restrictive clothing (boxers instead of tight underwear, for example) can help the body to produce healthier sperm. The sperm produced by the testicles are expelled from the body during ejaculation.

The scrotum is located outside the body, because sperm production requires a cooler temperature then the internal body. So, they are located outside to achieve the right temperature for the production of sperm.

No. They wouldn't live long enough to travel that distance. Even if they did, they die fast outside the body. In fact, sperm can enter the vagina if deposited on the outside. There are millions of sperm cells in each ejaculation and it only takes one to get to the ovum where there is a chance of pregnancy.

You should not need to kill sperm if it is outside of the body, sperm must be near the vaginal opening or inside of the vagina in order to impregnate someone. And in that case their are "spermicides" that are used to "kill sperm".

Yes, the fluid of penis can cause pregnancy. Because the man body produces sperm and they get mixed with the fluid produced in their body before ejaculation so the sperm can survive in the women's vigina and reach to the uterus. Sometimes not all sperm produced in the man's body get out so some would be left in his body and they can be transported with the fluid before another ejaculation. So its always better to be careful because you would not know if there will be sperm in he fluid or not.

Sperm production takes about seventy-two days to develop in the male reproductive organs. After ejaculation they can live in the female for up to 5 days, but at room temperate - outside of the body, they will die within a couple hours - depending on the environment.

No it will not survive as SPERM only live for split of seconds.

No. Sperm dies fairly fast outside of the body.

no a four day old sperm can not impregnate an egg,the sperm life after ejaculation in female body is of 48 hours. -Dr.arjun goswami,vrindavan

When outside of a body, sperm generally can only live for 10-15 minutes unless stored in a specialized facility.

sperm is a robust bunch! sperm is active until it dries completely.

No, because before ejaculation, pre-ejaculate is released and this contains sperm, so it can get you pregnant. It only takes one sperm to get pregnant. No even though Pre ejaculate is made in the mans body containing no sperm it does at times get contaminated with sperm from previous ejaculations, however the greatest risk is posed by premature ejaculation that are not even noticed by the male prior to the main ejaculation that comes with orgasm.

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