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Q: What is the average reading level of graduating Seniors?
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How can you use average in a sentence?

His reading level was average.

What is the average reading grade-level in North America?

The average American reads at a seventh or eight grade reading level. The United States falls behind countries like China in reading.

What reading grade level is the long island newpaper newsday written at?

Although the average is supposedly at an eighth grade reading level, the actual level is somewhere between a 5th and 6th grade reading level.

What level of education did josephine baker have?

she has a grade level 11 reading average.

Is a 4.5 reading level on reading plus good or bad?

A 4.5 reading level on Reading Plus would be considered below average for the typical grade level. It indicates that the reader may need additional support or practice to improve their reading skills.

What is the difference between slow reading and average reading?

a slow reader can't read very well, and an average reader can read at his/her grade level

What is the average reading level for a second grade student?

The average reading level for a second grade student in the United States is 1.4 to about 2.4. This means that most second grade students are reading at high first grade levels or medium second grade levels.

What is the average age of reading level 3?

The average age for reading level 3 is typically around 7-9 years old. This level signifies that the reader is able to comprehend more complex sentence structures, vocabulary, and ideas compared to lower reading levels. However, it's important to remember that individual children may vary in their reading development.

What is the average reading level of a 10 year old?

Most of my friends are around n but I am ten and I'm a level z.

What is the average age of reading level 5.3?

The average age of someone reading at level 5.3 is typically around 10-11 years old. This may vary depending on individual development and education background.

What is the average reading grade level in Canada?

Most books recommend writing at about a fifth-grade reading level. Some people read better than that, and some cannot read as well, but that is the accepted average. Writing at that level will mean that most people will be able to understand you.

Where is the average sea level reading taken from in the UK to provide the ordanance survey benchmark?