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There is no "average" mass for black holes throughout the entire universe. Black holes range greatly in mass, depending on how they were formed, and how long they have existed if you take Hawking Radiation into account. Mass can be anywhere between a couple hundred protons, such as those created by cosmic rays striking Earth's atmosphere, or an enormous mass such as those in the center of almost every spiral galaxy.

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What is the average size of an event horizon?

it depends on the size of the black hole. the larger the black hole, the farther the event horizon will be from the start of the black hole.

Does the size of a black hole depend on the size of the star?

Close; the size of the black hole depends entirely on the MASS of the original star.

What does a black hole do with what it suck in?

The material sucked in to a black hole becomes part of the black hole - that is, a black hole crushes matter to an nearly no size, at all.

How many Gs does the average black hole generate?

All black holes, no matter what size, generate infinite G's of gravity.

Can a black hole get to the size of a planet?

A black hole can definitely get to the size of a planet. The width of the largest known supermassive black hole is thought to be over ten times the size of the entire orbit of Neptune around our Sun.

What determines the size of black hole?

The size of a black hole, as defined by the size of the event horizon, depends on the mass of the black hole and its electrical charge. The diameter of the event horizon is directly proportional to the black hole's mass. Adding electrical charge decreases the size of the event horizon.

What is the average temp of a black hole?

The temperature of a black hole varies massively, and is inversely proportional to size. The smaller a black hole found in space is, the greater its temperature. The hottest black hole in the universe will almost definitely be hotter than any temperature we have recorded on Earth. However, it is expected that a supper massive black hole (more than a million times the size of our Sun) can have very cold temperatures equal to near zero kelvin.

Average size of 18 hole golf course?

The average size of an 18 hole golf course is 6000 yards, or 5486 m.

Is there a maximum size limit to a black hole?


Can 8 earth's fit in the black hole?

yes and no depends on size of hole :]

What happens after entering a black hole?

Any matter that enters the black hole will be destroyed. Also, it will increase the black hole's size.

Does the hole in a black hole expand as the black hole gets older?

The size of the black hole - that is, the diameter of the event horizon - will increase if the mass of the black hole increases. Over time, black holes normally do gain extra mass from attracting it through gravity. However, they can also lose mass via Hawking radiation and eventually evaporate. Hence, the age of a black hole has little relevance to its size.

How much matter can a black hole suck in at a time?

This depends on the size of the black hole, and on the density of the surrounding material.

How do you measure the size of a black hole?

by its event horizon

Does matter get erased by a black hole?

no, it gets added to the black hole's size.

What would happen if two black hole were to merge into each other?

You would have a black hole the size of the combined mass of the two black holes.

Is an Intermediate-mass black hole a type of black hole?

Yes. Intermediate-mass blackhole is a medium size black hole. Scientists have found stellar black holes and supermassive black holes but there is no prove that Intermediate-mass black type of black holes exist. My opinion is that they do exist because when a black hole is becoming a black hole supermassiveblack hole it will need to go though this stage of intermediate-mass black hole.

What is the average mass of a black hole?

It depends on which type

What is the size of the largest known black hole?

Earlier this month, a black hole was found with the mass of ten billion solar masses.

What is the minimum and maximum size of the black hole?

There isn't one. It depends on how much matter the collapsed star (black hole) has gathered.

Does the sucking of masses increase the size of a black hole?


What is the size of a black hole?

about 1/3 of a neutron star

How big is a super massive black hole km?

The size of a black hole is a meaningless quantity. The black hole itself, meaning the matter contained within, is infinitely small. However black holes can be defined by their schwartzchild radius which is the size of the event horizon. Look the equation for it up somewhere.

How big is the middle of the Milky Way?

The middle of the milky way is a black hole and a black hole cannot be made up as matter. The middle of the milky way has no size, but the black hole sucks the light making it look big in pictures. The actual size is nothing.

What is smaller black hole or white dwarf planet?

Depends!!!A white dwarf created from a star the same size as our Sun will only be the size of our Earth.A supermassive black hole can have a diameter of 150 million kilometers (Same distance from the Earth to the Sun).However a stellar black hole can only be 30 kilometers in diameter.There is no minimum size for a black hole, so one "could" be as small as 0.1mm