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What is the average size of new homes?

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According to a recent news story by NPR, the average size of a new American home is 2,349 square feet.

According to the US Census Bureau, the average size of a new US home built in 2006 is 2,469 square feet.

If you mean number of people living in the house - 2 to 4 people then the average square feet of a house - about 2349 square feet.

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Average size of new homes in U.S.compared to other countries?

New homes in the United States are much larger than new homes in any European country. Some countries, such as the UAE and Morocco, build homes of comparable size to U.S. homes.

What is the average price of homes in New York?

The average price of homes in New York can vary greatly by city, size of the home, and age of the home. Average prices per square foot is about 1,200 dollars, where the average size home can cost upwards of two million dollars.

What size is the average orthodox Jews house?

There is no average size for Orthodox homes. It depends on the country and the wealth of the family.

Where does the army live?

they live in average size homes. not mansions.

How much electricity should a house be wired for?

Most new homes of average size of today should be wired with a 200 amp service entry.

What is the average size of a new born baby?

The average size of a baby is 7 pounds

Were the Cherokee tribe homes big?

That is a matter of interpretation. Cherokee homes were on average, both then and now, the same size of the homes used by Europeans; in olden times homes were much smaller as a general rule.

What size is the average home in china?

Most homes in China are apartments. They vary in size depending upon the location and how many people there are to be living in it.

Average dumb waiter size?

The average dumbwaiter size is 20" x 20" x 30". This size will hold up to 150 pounds and can travel as high as 28 feet. They are usually found in older private homes.

What is the size of the average pool table?

In homes, the most common size is 8 foot. In billiard halls, the most common size is 9 foot. In bars, the most common size is 7 foot.

What is a New Jersey skeeter?

it is a new jersey moscito average size 3lbs

What are the average price of homes in lake forest?

"There are many different homes for sale in Lake Forest. Prices depend on the size of the house, how many rooms the house has, what neighborhood the house is in etc etc."

How much power is 24 kilowatts?

24 kilowatts is equal to 24,000 watts. You could power 2 average size homes.

Average size of a small bedroom?

Bedrooms are as small as 8x8. The rooms could be 8x18, 12x12 or an possible combination in custom homes.

What is average size of a hot water heater?

for most U.S. homes, 40 gallon is standard for Gas and 50 gallon for Electric.

What is a common water line in multiple unit homes?

the average home water line size is 1/2 inch to fixtures

What types of homes did early settlers live in in colonial New York?

Answer mansions the size of earth bungalow style.

How much is a new house?

The average cost for new homes today is about $305,900. Well..it was averaged in 2006 so I hope this helps abit. :]

What is the average mortgage for new homes in Dallas TX?

The cost for the average mortgage on a new home in the city of Dallas, TX can vary depending on a person's credit history. The average mortgage at a 4.8% APR is between $1000 and $1200.

Were the Jews accpted in their new homes after the holocaust?

no the Jews were not accepted in their new homes

What are refurbished homes?

Refurbished homes are homes that have been renovated and everything is new

Where can one purchase new mobile homes?

New mobile homes can be purchased online at most of the manufactures websites. This includes companies such as Clayton Homes, Expo Mobile Homes, and Skyline Homes.

What is the average size for a menu?

the average size for a menu is A4 size.

How do hamsters react to new homes?

hamsters adapt very easily to new homes

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