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55,000 to 100,000

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Q: What is the average starting salary for a fashion buyer?
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The role of a fashion buyer?

A fashion buyer is a person who looks for the latest trends in the fashion world.

What is the salary of a senior buyer position at carmax?

The average annual salary for a senior buyer at CarMax is reported to be $71,563. This includes a cash bonus and a stock bonus totaling $8,404.

What is the average wage for a fashion buyer?

The fashion buyer makes between 75,000 and 93,000 dollars a year. New York and California buyers make more than other states in the U.S.

What is the salary of a buyer assistant at carmax?

The salary is about 33,000 dollars for a buyer assistant at CarMax. This job has the ability to work itself into the head buyer.

What is a high-paying job for a Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate?

It depends on the degree obtained from FIDM. Was it an Associates or a Bachelors? Of course the Bacelors would earn you a higher salary. Employers usually seek designers with a 2- or 4-year degree who are knowledgeable about textiles fabrics, ornamentation, and fashion trends. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a great place to start looking at salaries. The salary is $150,000 and up for a fashion editor or fashion public relations specialist. A Fashion Buyer, also called an Apparel Buyer has a Salary Range of up to $100,000 but you may have to start at Fashion Assistant before you become a fashion buyer. Significant Points * Almost one-fourth are self-employed. * In 2006, the highest concentrations of fashion designers were employed in New York and California. I assume you are in California since 65% of FIDM students reside there. * .

How much does a fashion buyer make in a year?

about £40k

Who is the head fashion buyer for Intermix New York?

Gia Marie Ghezzi

What is the average age of a first time home buyer?

what was the average age of a first time home buyer i n 1999

What is Fashion Buyer?

A Fashion Buyer is someone who determines what clothing and accessories (most buyers have a specific area that they work in i.e. women's wear buyer, accessories buyer, etc. etc.) will be available in a store for consumers. Buyers will attend fashion and trade shows to possibly make purchases of items they see at such shows or to observe trends and report those trends back to the company. They usually work for department stores or small boutiques. The buyer has a pivitol role in a company's consumer success.

What is a fashion buyer?

A fashion buyer is responsible for attending runway shows/trade shows/ and conventions to determine current trends and what items of clothing will sell. They then purchase items from designers to be sold by other companies, such as large department stores.

What are the possible challenges and struggles of a fashion buyer?

There are a lot of possible challenges and struggles a fashion buyer could face. Being a fashion buyer is not as glamorous as one may think. First, it is a stressful job. You are dealing with other peoples money and one bad buying decision may prove to be costly. Second, the buyer must know how to deal with budgeting, allocating funds, and negotiating. Most fashion buyers are given a seasonal budget and based on prior seasons performance, must allocate their funds within specific departments to accommodate what will sell for the company. The main priority is to drive business with high margins, meaning the markup on the goods being sold is at a significant increase compared to the price the fashion buyer paid to have the goods manufactured. The less margins the buyer meets, the less profit the fashion buyer's company will make. This is where good negotiations skills come into play. Not only are these very important factors, but the buyer must also have just good gut instinct. If the buyer buys deep into a "trend" for the season, and the public does not buy into it, the fashion buyer could have a problem of unsold goods. In turn, the company will have to decrease the price on the goods to liquidate - thus in turn decreasing the margins. Also, sometimes vendors or manufacturers that the buyer is working with may have production issues. Maybe the fit of the garment isnt proportioned properly or the color is not the right shade... All do these are potentional challenges that a fashion buyer might face. But overall, it's a extremely fun and a little stressful job.

How much could a fashion buyer make up to?

fashion buyers make 40,000 dollars all the way up to 100,000 a year. good luck

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