What is the average value of coefficient of velocity in a submerged orifice?


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An average value of coefficient of velocity is a

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In Venturi meter losses are less so coefficient of discharge is higher whereas in orifice meter due to no convergent and divergent cones there are more losses and hence its coefficient of discharge is less.In venturi meter losses are low due to steamline shape of the diffuser and the pressure gradient is not abrupt as in case of orifice meter.

An orifice plate is a device used to measure the rate of fluid flow. It uses the same principle as a venture nozzle namely Bernoulli’s principle which says that there is a relationship between the pressure of the fluid and the velocity of the fluid. When the velocity increases, the pressure decreases and vice versa. An orifice plate is basically a thin plate with a hole In the middle. It is usualy placed in a pipe in which fluid flows. As fluid flows through the pipe, It has K.a certain velocity an a certain pressure. When the fluid reaches the orifice plate, with the hole in the middle of the fluid is forced to converge to go through the small hole, the point of maximum converyence actually occurs shortly downstream of the physical orifice, at the so called vena contracta point as it does so the velocity and the pressure changes. Beyond the vena contracta the fluid expands and the velocity and pressure change once again. By measuring the difference in fluid pressure, between the normal pipe section and at the vena contracta, the volume metric and mass flow rates can be obtained from Bernoulli’s equation. By assuming steady-state, compressible, laminar flow in a horizontal pipe negligible frictional losses, Bernoulli’s equation reduces to an equation relating the conversation of energy at two points in the fluid flow or V1=Q/A1 & V2=Q/A2. Slowing for Q and introducing the beta factor β=d2/d1 as well as coefficient of the discharge Cd. And finally introducing the expansion γ to account the compressibility of gasses and the meter coefficient C which is defind as to obtain the final equation for the volumetric flow of the fluid upstream of the orifice. It we consider about the value of coefficient of velocity (Cv). It may be accurated due to the practical errors. In that case we had to control the over flow rate actually. The top level of a adjustable over flow pipe was decreased gradually. So we had to hold it during the experiment to make the head constant. There may be some errors in measuring time, also we calculated to value of the Q using the equation Q=V/t, the Q2=V2/t2. If there is any error in time. If will increase when “t” become “t2”. So then there may be errors in values of Cd of the first part of experiment. In practically orifice is used in channels, pipelines, canal or hydro power stations to act as a water controller. Mostly those orifice are used to in reservoirs and pipelines. It may be used for measuring the rate of flow out of the reservoirs or through a pipelines, orifice may be in the wall or in bottom of the reservoir or tank . The orifice equation describes the rate of flow of liquid through an orifice. The equation can be represented as: Q = Cd A\sqrt{2gh} where Q = flow (cubic metres per second) C(d) = coefficient of discharge A = area of orifice (square metres) g = acceleration from gravity (9.81 m/s) h = head acting on the centreline (m) For a circular orifice, the equation becomes: Q = Cd (1/4 \pi D^2)\sqrt{2gh} Typical values for the coefficient of discharge are: Sharp orifice: 0.62 Tube: 0.80

An orifice is a hole (as in "anus orifice"). A propane orifice could be created using brass. Consult your local professional.

Orifices is the plural of orifice

A restriction orifice (RO) is used to limit the flow through the pipe to a set flow by choking the flow at its sonic velocity. A flow orifice (FO) is usually used to determine the flow through the pipe from the pressure drop over the plate. There a normally two pressure taps (one on each side of the plate) and a pressure transmitter which determines the pressure drop over the plate. A formula is then used to convert this pressure drop to a flowrate for the specific fluid passing through the orifice. A FO usually has a temperature element to determine the gas temperature for use is the formula.

The vaginal orifice is the opening of the vagina

An orifice is an opening, cavity, or hole.

That is the cirrect spelling of orifice (a hole or opening).

An obstruction (orifice) is placed in a pipe filled with fluid. The pressure of the fluid is measured at two different points: 1) just upstream of the orifice and, 2) close to the contraction of the fluid (vena contracta). The difference in these two pressures is known as differential pressure. The differential pressure across an obstruction (orifice) in a pipe of fluid is proportional to the square of the velocity of the fluid. Many factors associated with the pipe, orifice and fluid affect the measurement. Satisfactory measurement requires steady-state, homogeneous, turbulent flowing fluids. Other properties which affect the measurement include: the ratio of pipe diameter to orifice diameter and the density, temperature, compressibility and viscosity of the fluid.

The lowest head loss is from a venturi since it has the lowest coefficient of discharge. typical coefficients range from 0.95-0.99 where the higher coefficient is directly proportional to larger square root of Reynolds number.

If you mean an "orifice tube", then yes.

generally vena contracta is formed at distance of d/2 from orifice where d is diameter of orifice.

An orifice is an opening (as a vent, mouth, or hole) through which something may pass.

The rock climbers could not see into the dark orifice of the cave.

A 1987 Dakota uses an expansion valve, not an orifice tube.A 1987 Dakota uses an expansion valve, not an orifice tube.

An "orifice" is a word for a hole (usually a hole in an animal's body". Therefore the "depth of an orifice" would be a measure of the length from the hole opening to the closed end.

It uses an expansion valve, not an orifice tube.

A pore is a tiny orifice found in the skin of the human body.

The coronary sinus orifice is found in the triscupid valve

The orifice tube is located between the engine and the fire wall. The windshield wiper cowling has to be removed to gain access to the orifice tube.

its not, the orifice headloss is higher because the change is abrupt.

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