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Around June? NYC? Well, usually, its very hot and humid during the day and then at night the temperature drops a little, but the humidity is still there. Sometimes, it rains and we get that 'after the storm' breeze, but you can't go wrong with a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, some flip-flops, and maybe, to be on the safe side an umbrella.

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Q: What is the average weather in New York City around June?
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What is the average temperature for Lincoln city Oregon in June?

What is the weather in Bermuda in June?

Around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is typical weather for Orlando in June?

Orlando is hot and rainy in June. The average day time high is in the 90s.

What is the weather like in Vancouver in June?

The weather in Vancouver in June is unreliable. It can be hot, sunny and dry, or it can be cool and wet. On average, the daily high temperature in June is about 21C, or 70F. Rainfall for the month is around 2 inches, which is not much, but the unpredictability means you should be prepared for just about anything; bring layers.

What is the average weather in New York around June?

According to Wikipedia, in New York City in June the average high temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit (26.11 degrees Celsius), and the average low temperature is 63.3 degrees Fahrenheit (17.39 degrees Celsius). But summers in New York City are extremely humid, so often it feels hotter than it really is. Also, it is not uncommon for temperatures to soar past the average, into the 90s or even 100s Fahrenheit (32.22 to over 37.77 degrees Celsius). The average precipitation in June is 3.84 inches (97.5 mm).

What is the weather like in Oregon in June?

In Oregon in June, the weather is generally sunny and pleasant. Temperatures average the mid to high 70s Fahrenheit, with temperatures occasionally getting into the 90s.

What is the average temperature in June in New york city?


What is the difference in temperature on average for Boise weather in April as opposed to June?

The average temperature in Boise in April is 49.1 degrees. The average temperature in June is 66.5 degrees. Therefore, there is a difference of 17.4 degrees.

What are the average June temperatures for the City of Phoenix?

June High: 104 DegreesJune Low: 75 Degrees

What is the average water temperature at ocean city beach in June?

too cold!

What kind of weather might you expect in London during June?

the weather is unpredictable. Average high 20C, average low 13C average wet days 11. average daily sunshine 7 hours. Prepare for showers and take a lightweight waterproof jacket

What is the weather like in Ireland in June?

It is like sping summer weather in Ireland in June.

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