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The average dimension for the width of a car seems to come in at 6'. I measured several cars and mini vans and that was what I came up with. I also found an ad for the Nissan X TRA (an SUV) that said it was about the size of an average car and the width they gave as average was 6'. I found a math question at which gave the average car width at 6'.

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on average about 6 feet.

The average width of a single car driveway is between 10 and 12 feet. As for a double car driveway, it goes up to 20 feet.

The average with of an one car garage is 12 feet. Many people will want a few extra feet of width for storage.

Normal width of a single car garage is 8' feet. Normal width of a double car garage is 16' feet. These answers are for doors typically found in the USA.

The average width of a car lane is 9 feet which is equivalent to 2.7 meters. However, this may vary in some cases like highways which are 3.7 meters or 12 feet wide.

about 15 ft long and 5.5 ft wide

A Radio Controlled car has the smallest width.

It depends on the inside length, width, and height of the car. The average is 1000 GBP.

As an example, a 2010 Ford Focus 4 door sedan is 67.8 inches wide.

The width of the average swan is 102 metres.

Average width of an exterior door is 36 inches.

The average width of a human torso is 14" to 18" in width and some 10" to 16" in depth.

The averaged width of a door is about 3 feet. This is the average door width for a door in a home.

The average width of the human skull is 17 to 18 centimeters.

i need to know what is the width of a journal!

Average width of a bathroom entry door is 32 inches.

I believe that the average width of a pencil is 0.25 inchs or 0.6 centimeters.

The length of the club car golf car is 94.5 inches while the width is 47 inches. In centimeters, the length is 240cm while the width is 119cm.

The standard width of a two-car driveway is 20 to 24 feet wide. A single-car driveway width is between nine and 12 feet wide.

What is a "commercial door"? The average width of an interior domestic door is 30 inches (76cm).

It has an average width of 400 m (1,300 ft).

they can be seizes from 15-25 width wise

It can vary from 3-8 mm in width, on average.

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