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The average winter temperature in Sydney, Australia is about 7 degrees Celsius. In Australia, winter occurs during the months of June through August. However, the summer temperatures can be between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius.

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Q: What is the average winter temperature in sydney Australia?
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What is Sydney Australia's average minimum temperature?

It depends on the season. Average minimums for Sydney vary greatly from summer to winter. See the related link below for average monthly minimums.

What is the summer and winter temperature in Sydney in Australia?

100 F (summer) 62 C (winter)

What is the average temperature at Christmas time in Australia?

in australia the average temp. is 99 degrees in winter.

What is the average temperature in August in Sydney Australia?

winter is cold about ..... less than 20 more than 10? barely but it doesn't snow :( source: birthday in august

When is it winter in Sydney Australia?

All of Australia has winter in June, July and August.

If it was winter in Havana IL what season is it in sydney Australia?

It would be summer in Sydney.

Does it snow in sydney Australia during the winter?

No. The climate of Sydney is too warm for snow, even during the winter.

What is the average temperature in Colorado for winter?

What is the average temperature in Colorado in winter

What is the average daily temperature in Australia in the winter?

13 Degrees C or 56 Degrees F

What is the average winter temperature in Australia?

Australia is a huge country, and a continent, so its average winter temperature cannot be determined. Temperatures in winter range from below 0 degrees Celsius in the Australian Alps to a balmy maximum of 28 degrees Celsius (or even higher) in Darwin, which is in the tropical north.

What is the average temperature of Vancouver in the winter time?

average winter temperature in british columbia

Where were the 2000 winter Olympics held?

Sydney,Australia that is the answer!!!!!!1 aj

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