What is the background of a candle?

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wax poured into a special glass
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Burning a candle?

It is a chemical. Chemical because you are burning it and it can't be easily changed back to the same candle before it was burnt.

Why are candles called candles?

Answer . 'Candle' comes from the Latin word 'candela,' which means: a cylinder made of tallow or wax with a wick through it, which gives light when burned.

What is a candle?

Answer . A candle is a device for providing light or dispersing fragrance.. The body of a candle is comprised of a solid fuel source, usually paraffin wax. A wick runs through the center of the body of the candle from the bottom, extending out of the top. The wick, which acts as a fuel pump when ( Full Answer )

Who invented candles?

Gearges Bunnot, this man invented the candle that keep our houses light on a supposedly stormy night so our blackouts may be light by georges bunnots famous invention, the candle.

What is background?

Answer . Background can refer to the backdrop of a computer, a backdrop in general, and one's experiences in life.. something happening near you but doesn`t involve you.

What is in a candle?

A candle is made up of paraffin wax, stearic acid and a wick. If we take 10 spoons of wax we should put one spoon of stearic acid and insert a suitable wick according to the size of the candle.

What are candles used for?

Nowadays, candles are used for parties, gifts, and for just basichome decorations. Back around 600-900 A.D. candles were used forlight, warmth, and energy.

What is in candles?

Depends on what type of Candle wax that is used, Such as Soy wax, Palm Wax, Paraffin, or Beeswax. It's the wax you prefer to use, then it's the Fragrance oil that's used to scent the candle, and then the dye block which is used to color the candle, and a wick that works for your candle so it may bur ( Full Answer )

What is a sperm candle?

A candle made with a type of wax found in living aquatic mammals called sperm whales- Think Moby-Dick. The blubber was called whale oil and it nearly drove the animals to extinction

What are facts about candles?

they can be made of wax, tallow (fat), paraffin (which is what most candles are made of), or plastic and paraffin. They are a source of light and heat. The wick of the candle is light to provide light/heat, and is made of string, cord, or wood.

What is candle therapy?

Candle therapy is used to elevate moods in people who become depressed during the Winter months. The theory is that the reduced levels of natural light affect their disposition, making it difficult to maintain their outlook and activity during those "Dark Months". It simply involves staring into a c ( Full Answer )

Why do you have candles on the altar?

Candles symbolizes light. Jesus is the Light of the World. The candles symbolizes Jesus, the Light of the World. BTW, some candles are specially dedicated for individual saints. It helps prayers/help for intercession come faster to the saints.

Candle is a mixture of what?

Depending on what type of wax the Candle provider used, a Candle is a mixture of wax, dye blocks used to color the candle and a fragrance oil that's safely used to scent candles with.

What is the composition of candle?

For Paraffin candles: mostly paraffin - which is a mixture ofhydrocarbons ranging from about 20 to 40 carbons per molecule. For tallow candles: mostly fatty acids including Oleic acid (C18-1,ω-9), Palmitic acid (C16:0), and Stearic acid (C18:0).

Who was the inventor of the candle?

The ancient Egyptians made them from bees wax from 3000 BC. TheChinese used candles made of whale fat since about 200 years beforeChrist. So like the wheel, we don't know who invented the candle.

How does a candle melt?

a candle melt if u light it and it sits there for mad long and all the wax looks like water

What candle burns longer a red candle or a green candle?

Umm actually both candles are the same unless one is smaller or bigger than the other but the burn both the same amount of time. No! Neither candles. They both burn shorter! This was a trick question told by my tour guide...There were two hints: It does not matter what color the candles are, and ( Full Answer )

What is the candling of an egg?

when you use a bright light to look at an egg to see if it is fertile. if there are veins (after a certain amount of days) then it is fertile. you can only find out if it is fertile after 4 or more days.

What is a plumbers candle?

Many years ago, plumbers used the plumbers candle to join pipes together. Wax from the burning candle would be dripped onto a "wiping cloth" to form a protective coating on the cloth. Molten lead would then be poured onto the cloth and wiped onto the joint of the pipes to seal the joint. The candle ( Full Answer )

What does a candle symbolize?

i think the candle represent the spirit of man [scripturally] "the spirit of man is the candle of the lord.psalm18 vs 28 says 'thou will light my cndle and enlighten my darkness'. the candle represents the light of the world. x

What is an incense candle?

An incense candle is a candle that when burnt gives of a nice scent. It is ceremonially and domestically.

What is the ingredients in a candle?

guess what...........wax! Paraffin wax, that is. Please let me add a cotton wick that must pass all the way through so you have something to light. You can also add scented oils and wax colorants. If you want to get tricky, you can put brightly colored leaves and small decorative sticks in the candl ( Full Answer )

What is a Confirmation candle?

A confirmation candle is a candle mostly used in a protestant confirmation ceremony, it has symbols of the Holy Spirit on it.

What is a candle flame?

burning wax vapor. the visible glowing part is burning soot produced by incomplete combustion of the wax vapor.

What candle burns longer a blue candle or green candle?

The colour would not make any difference to the speed at which they burn.. It's at least theoretically possible that a candle company might choose to color-code candles for some specific purpose (for example: candles intended as chafing dish warmers, or something) based on burn time, but for regula ( Full Answer )

What candle burns out first an oil candle or a wax candle?

Generally more energy is in a solid versus a liquid, so a wax candle will have more energy than an oil based candle which means the solid wax candle will burn out last over the oil one. Actually, I can't think of a case where the reverse is true. And btw, wax candle has around 42 kJ/g with oil candl ( Full Answer )

Why do you have candles?

Candles are good for many uses. One person might want them because they smell good and they decorate a room nicely. Another person might want a candle just in case the electricity has gone out and you need lighting. Candles are also good for getting rid of the smell when you are cooking.

What does a candle do on RuneScape?

Candles can be lit with a tinderbox, and then used to light dark dungeons, such as the Lumbridge Cellar dungeon. Candle's won't stay lit forever while in your inventory, so you should bring a tinderbox along in case it goes out. If you need a lightsource to enter a dungeon, it is recommended you u ( Full Answer )

What melts on a candle?

The wax is what melts on a candle. After the traditional candle string burns, the melted wax stays melted due to heat. The flameless candle takes advantage of the melted wax and releases a fragrance that is infused in the wax. Take a look at https://smellamelt.scentsy.us/Scentsy The 80 plus sce ( Full Answer )

What is a Hanukkah candle?

A Hanukkah candle is one of the candles used in the Hanukkiyah (theHanukkah-menorah used on Hanukkah) - and has to be long enough tolast for at least 30 minutes after dusk.

Where can you get aromatherapy candles?

There are a lot of places you can get aromatherapy candles. See my related link, I recommended them because they also sell the essential oils that are put into their candles.

Why bury candles?

If you do a spell that does not use the full candle, (e.g: A spell to break negative energy or to break a curse), that candle cannot be used to another purpose, and the witch have to get rid of the candle so that it does not fal in to someone else's hand, (for their own good). Therefor, when the bes ( Full Answer )

What is the candle that lights a baptismal candle?

The Paschal Candle which is the candle prepared and lit at the Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday. It is also the candle that burns at the head of a casket during a Catholic funeral.

Who invent candle?

Impossible to be specific. The candle was a slow and painful evolution from an observation by primitive man that the fat of animals would burn if a flame were touched to it. Originally, this was a vessel with a rough fiber wick in it. It would have smoked like crazy and smelled awful, but it was pro ( Full Answer )

Is there physics in a candle?

Yes, part of physics is studying the transfer of energy from one form to another. Within the candle is chemical potential energy (think about how the candle has to burn in scented candles), when a fire source comes near enough to the candle the chemical potential energy is transferred into thermal e ( Full Answer )

What is a Havdallah Candle?

A Havdallah candle is a long braided candle (usually with white and blue braids but not necessarily those colors) with four wicks that is used in the celebration of Havadallah. Unlike Shabbat Candles, the Havdallah Candle is extinguished after the celebration and reused in the next celebration.

What did candle makers make candles out of?

Many different materials have been used over the years: . beeswax, the wax honeybees make honeycomb from . dried candlefish, a type of smelt common off the americannorthwest coast . cinnamon wax, obtained by boiling cinnamon bark . insect wax, obtained from certain insects . tree nut wax, extr ( Full Answer )

Is candle a metal?

No, a candle is not a metal in the traditional sense of the word! however, candles that are colored often have some form of metal that makes up the color - cobalt creates a blue, copper creates an array from orange to green, and so on! you can always use natural elements/plants to produce colors as ( Full Answer )

Why are there candles on Hanukkah?

There are 9 candles that are lit on Hanukkah. One is the helpercandle ("shamash") used to light the other 8, which symbolize the 8days of Hanukkah. A story in the Talmud (500 years after the Maccabean War) tells ofa legendary miracle. After the war, When the Jews returned torededicate the Ancient T ( Full Answer )

What is a Yablochkov candle?

A Yablochkov candle is an electric carbon candle consisting of twolong carbon blocks separated by a block of inert material.

Is candle an adjective?

No, it is a noun (wax incendiary light). It is also used a verbmeaning to examine, originally with a candle (chiefly poultryeggs).

Is candle a verb?

It is usually a noun, but it can be a verb. It means to use acandle to examine an egg to see if it is fertile or fresh.

Is there a safe candle?

The only completely safe candle is one with a flame-shapedLED-light on top instead of a real flame. A fairly safe real candleis a tealight, since those lights usually come in an aluminum cupand will safely burn out.