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Q: What is the balanced equation of decomposition of lead (II) NITRATE?
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What is the equation of decomposition of nitrate?

the equation for the decomposition of lead ii nitrate by heating is: 2Pb(NO3)2 - - - ->2PbO + 4NO2 + O2

What is the balanced equation representing the decomposition of lead IV lead?

PbO2 > Pb+O2

What is the equation for lead nitrate?

Chemical formula for water is H2O and for lead nitrate is Pb(NO3). Lead nitrate simply dissolves in water and making water poisonous.

What is the balanced equation for zinc plus lead nitrate yield zinc nitrate plus lead?

Equation is Zn + Pb(NO3)2 --> Zn(NO3)2 + Pb

What is the balanced chemical equation for barium bromide and lead 2 nitrate?


What is the balanced equation for the reaction of sulfuric acid with lead nitrate?

For lead (II) nitrate: H2SO4 + Pb(NO3)2 -----> 2HNO3 + PbSO4 ...................................................(white)

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of solid lead with nitrate?

Pb + 2NO3 - --> Pb(NO3)2

What would the balanced equation be for potassium iodide and lead II nitrates to produce potassium nitrate and lead iodidine?

The balanced equation is 2 KI + Pb(NO3)2 -> 2 KNO3 + PbI2.

What is the balanced equation of lead chloride from the reaction of sodium chloride and lead nitrate?

2NaCl+Pb(NO3)2==== 2NaNO3+PbCl2

What is the Balanced equation for lead nitrate plus potassium iodide?

pb(No3)2 +2KI -------> 2KNo3+pbI2

What is the observation when you heat lead nitrate crystals?

A thermally decomposition of the nitrate; the final products are lead oxide and nitrogen dioxide.

What is the word equation as well as the balanced chemical equation of Lead II Nitrate and Sodium Iodide?

Pb(NO3)2(aq) + 2NaI(aq) → PbI2(s) + 2NaNO3(aq) Aqueous lead II nitrate reacts with aqueous sodium iodide to form solid lead II iodide precipitate and aqueous sodium nitrate.