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Q: What is the balanced single replacement equation for Iron and Copper II chloride?
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What is the balanced chemical equation for copper I chloride?


what is the balanced equation for copper(II)oxide and potassium chloride?

The balanced equation for copper(II) oxide and potassium chloride is CuO + 2KCl → CuCl2 + K2O When copper(II) oxide reacts with potassium chloride then it forms copper(II) chloride and potassium oxide.

What is the balanced equation for sodium hydroxide and copper III chloride?

The compound copper (III) chloride doesn't exist !

Copper chloride aluminum foil physical change?

whats the balanced chemical equation

Magnesium copper Chloride Magnesium Chloride copper?

When magnesium reacts with copper chloride, an exchange reaction occurs in which magnesium replaces copper, resulting in the formation of magnesium chloride and copper. The balanced chemical equation for this reaction is: Mg + CuCl2 → MgCl2 + Cu.

How do you balance the equation for copper II nitrate and sodium chloride?

Cu(NO3)2 an NaCl don't react, so there is not a balanced equation.

Balanced equation of copper 2 sulfate and strontium chloride?

there are no co efficents infront of any of the reactants or products

What is the word equation for copper and chlorine?

Copper cloride is the word equation for copper and clorine hope this helps:)

What is the balanced equation for copper II oxide plus hydrochloric acid produces copper II chloride and water?

CuO + 2HCl --> CuCl2 + H2O

What is a balanced chemical equation for HCl Cu?

Copper Chloride Hexahydrate

What is the balanced equation for aluminium reacts with copper chloride?

The Chemical Equation for aluminum and copper chloride is as follows: Al+CuCl=Cu+AlCl. You will have to balance it and put the charges where they belong, but that's the basic equation. Hope it helps!

What is the word equation for when hydrochloric acid reacts with copper oxide?

Balanced equation: CuO + 2HCl --> CuCl2 + H2O Word equation: One mole of copper (II) oxide plus two moles of hydrochloric acid produces (or yields) one mole of copper (II) chloride plus one mole of water.