What is the band gap of germanium?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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.3 ev

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Q: What is the band gap of germanium?
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What is the energy band gap of germanium?

.3 ev

Why silicon has more barrier potential than germanium?

Due to variation in energy gap between valance band and conduction band....

The gallium arsenide is prepared for laser action but silicon and germanium are not. explain why?

I think because GaAs has a direct band gap transition but Si and Ge has indirect band gap transition. Both silicon and germanium are opaque and thus cannot be used to make LASERs.

Why do we mostly use indirect semiconductors?

The indirect band gap semiconductors like silicon and germanium are mostly used because they are elemental, plentiful, and easier to process than the direct band gap semiconductors which are alloys or compounds.

When was The Gap Band created?

The Gap Band was created in 1967.

What makes silicon a semiconductor?

Elements have two bands. One is Valence band and other is Conduction band. Valence band contains electrons whereas the conduction band is empty. The energy gap between them is called the forbidden gap. In case of metals, this gap is very small or the bands overlap. Therefore, the electrons are able to jump from the valence band to the conduction band and hence metal are able to conduct electricity and they are generally conductors. In case of Non-Metals, the energy gap is very large and hence hence electrons are not able to move from valence band to conduction band. Hence they are insulators. But in case of elements like Silicon, Germanium this gap is between Metals and Non-Metals, hence few electrons are able to move from valence band to conduction band. Therefore they have some conductivity but it is low and hence they are called semiconductors.

Why the breakdown voltage of silicon is 0.7V whereas for germanium it is 0.3V?

because germanium has lower energy gap between conduction and valence bands

What does gap stand for in the gap band?

greenwood archer and pine street band

When was The Gap Band II created?

The Gap Band II was created in 1979.

When was Gap Band IV created?

Gap Band IV was created in 1981.

When was The Gap Band III created?

The Gap Band III was created in 1980.

Is ZnSe is direct or indirect band gap?

It is direct band gap material.