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How does living cell perform basic functions?

A living cell goes through many processes that keep it alive. In order to perform basic functions it goes through processes such as converting fuel into usable energy. Cells also divide in order to keep living and keep the creature they are making up alive. Without cell division we would not be able to live.

What is the smallest unit of a living thing that carries out basic life processes?


What is the basic life processes of living things?

A.) respond

What are the basic life processes that cells perform?

Respiration, excretion, reproduction, and regulation

Is it true that all living organisms whether plant or animal carry on the same six basic life processes?

Acctually their is only 6 basic life processes of all living organisms.

What basic unit of life can perform all the processes that an organisms needs in order to live?


What molecules exert primary control over basic life processes of all living processes of all living things forming a chemical link between the generations?


The smallest unit of a living thing that carries out basic life processes?

Cell membrane

Give the definition of basic science processes?

what are basic science processes

What are the major classifications of basic manufacturing processes?

classification of basic manufacturing processes.

What are four basic processes of computer operation?

What are four basic processes of computer operation?

What are the goals of biochemistry?

The basic goal of biochemistry as a science is to understand the specific chemical reactions and processes that are involved in living organisms.

What enables animals to perform different functions?

The organ that enables animals to perform different functions is the cell. The cell is regarded as the basic unit of all living organisms.

Cell theory- the basic what of organization is the cell?

1. All living things are made of cells. 2. Cells can only come from other cells. 3. Cells are the basic structure of living things that carry on life processes.

What are the basic science processes skills?

there is no answer

What are the basic processes of science?


What basic processes underlie the sense of vision?

What basic processes underline the sense of vision

What are the 4 basic processes used at the network layer?

Layer 3 uses four basic processes: Addressing Encapsulation Routing Decapsulation

What is the basic function of cells?

The living cells perform all the metabolic functions of an organism to sustain life. The very basic function is respiration to harness the required energy for other biological activities.

What is the smallest unit of living things?

Smallest unit of living thing is the cell. It is the basic unit of a living thin. Anything lower than that is not alive.A cell.cellThe smallest cell in the human body is the sperm cell. The components which make up cells cannot be considered living.A cell is the smallest unit of life that still carries out the basic processes.

What is a tiny structure in the cytoplasm of the cell that performs and contains the organelle?

The cell is the basic unit of a living organism. In multicellular organisms (organisms with more than one cell), a collection of cells that work together to perform similar functions is called a tissue. In the next higher level of organization, various tissues that perform coordinated functions form organs. Finally, organs that work together to perform general processes form body systems.

Is it true that the water cycle has three basic processes?

the water cycle has 4 processes

What are the different basic Science processes?

what are defferent basic scienceprosses and devined each

How are all living things are alike?

All living things are alike because they perform the basic life functions such as reproducing, using energy, getting rid of waste, and reacting to changes in the environment.

What is a shloom in basic science processes?

what is a shlooms