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What is the bass used for?


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a Bass Guitar is used to add rhythm to a song ,much like a drum

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It's used to play the bass drum faster

He used a Ibanez PGB1L bass, you mean what type of bass did he used? because he died

The double bass is still used in Rock and Roll, but the bass guitar is now used to. There are both acoustin and electric bass guitars.

A bass guitar is an instrument. Slap bass is a technique. Slap bass is one of many stlyes of techniques which is used to play the bass guitar.

The instrments used in an orchestra areViolin (me:)ViolaChelloBassDouble bass

A bass clef is basically a trebble clef, but it tells you it's bass music/tablature.

The bass clef is used because the treble clef is higher notes, and the bass clef is lower notes. If you don't want to just use high notes, you need a bass clef. I hope this helps!

Bass drums are used in marching bands, concert bands, orchestras, rock bands, you name it.

the difference between bass and guitar is a bass normally has 4 or 5 strings but guitars have 6 strings. bass guitars are used for rhythm most of the time but guitars are usually used for melody. bass guitars are 1 octave below guitars.

The Bass drum can be used by a kick pedle that hits the drum when putting pressure on the pedle, or it can be hit with a mallet.

Electromagnets are not used on bass guitars, but guitar and bass guitar pickups use magnets in order to turn the string's vibration into an electrical signal to send to amplifier.

For a beginning level bass guitar, about $150. For an intermediate level bass guitar, about $300. For an advanced level bass guitar, $1000 and up. Note that you can always get a used bass for cheaper, and used basses are sometimes even better than new basses.

A bass clef is used when playing bass guitar because you are plaing bass notes. Because you are using your left hand and not your ritght(treble clef).

Bass and tenor clef (bass more commonly used).

Foot operated bass drum: pedal Hand operated marching bass drum: mallet

Bass amplifiers are used to amplify the music that comes from a bass guitar. The average frequency range for bass amplifiers is between 25 and 250 watts.

An electric bass guitar is often used with acoustic ensembles, but there is the problem of a too-loud amplified bass guitar. This disturbs the sound of the whole ensemble. The bass has never been the loudest sounding instrument of that group.

I am pretty sure he used a Fender Jazz Bass

trebleclef for soprano ('normal') clarinet, but a bass clef is used for a bass clarinet

The P stands for Precision. The Precision Bass is the oldest model of electric bass created by Fender. It is still widely used and imitated today.

Because it is designed to be used with an amplifier. ************************************************************* Also because in a band or something that is the bass that keeps the rhythym and its low. Not only is it designed to be used with an amplifier if u have ever seen a double bass they are pretty much the same thing (playing wise) I would know that because i play the double bass and the electric bass guitar!!!

There are weighted floats that can be used when spinning for sea bass. Hope this helps.

They are different forms of wriring music. The treble clef is used for higher instruments such as flutes, violins and guitar wheras the bass clef is used for the left hand piano part, bass guitars and cellos.

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