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it can be helpful when you are trying to identify movement and the direction fo movementin a work of art.

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How do you work out a coordinate when there are no numbers on the x and y axis?

To work out a coordinate when there are no numbers on either the X or Y axis begin by drawing a vertical line down from the point of interest and have it cross the horizontal axis. Where the two meet label it as X and then use a ruler to measure from the 0 point to the X. This will give you the X axis coordinate. Repeat the process to find the Y coordinate but draw a horizontal line from the point of interest instead of a vertical line.

How does a line graph work?

With a line graph you use lines. You put numbers at the bottom of the graph and numbers on the side. In other words the bottom numbers are on the x axis and the numbers on the side are on the y axis. Then when you have the dots on the graph you connect them and then it makes a line.

How does Taxonomy work?

identifying the taxon

Why does the slope and y intercept need to work together to graph a line?

The slope is how steep the line is and the y-intercept is where the line hits the y-axis. The two need to work together to graph a line because without one of those variables, you would not be able to properly plot a line.

When drawing in 2D what axis do you not work with?

z axis

Is this an example of a positive correlation the more hours you work the more money you will get on your paycheck?

Yes. try graphing it so that on the vertical axis you have "hours worked", and on the horizontal axis you have "pay". If the line slopes up as it goes right, then there is a positive correlation (ie, the more hours you work, the more money you get).

How does the earths axis work?

It spins and such.

Can you claim disability benefit for cervical spondylosis?

One with Cervical Spondylosis can qualify for disability. Qualification depends on the line of work one is in and the severity of the condition.

How do you draw line of balance for repetitive works in construction industry?

after u draw the chart , u decide to work on the early finish or the late finish , and this called t1 .. and nw u have 2 get the time that the activity end on and that's called t2 , t2= t1 + ( (N-1)/R ) N = number of repetitive units R = Rate = number of crew / duration now draw y-axis and x-axis , then draw a parallel line to x-axis at point N on y-axis ,, where the y-axis represent the number of units start from 1 and the (lower) x axis represent the t1 and the ( upper ) x-axis represent the t2

What is an integral in math?

Assuming you specifically mean calculus an integral is basically the area between some graph and the x-axis between two points. Imagine this: You have a graph with a line on it (doesn't matter if it's a line or a curve or anything, so long as it doesn't loop back on itself, for now, you have a straight line). Now, pick two places on the x-axis to put vertical lines (these are the boundaries you'll work in). Now you have a left boundary, a right boundary, and a top and bottom boundary (the x axis is one and the line is the other). So, you have a 2-d closed shape. The area this shape covers is the integral of that line from a to b. Above the axis is positive and below the axis is negative. I'll link to a few pictures to help visualize it. In each one there will be an "a" on the left, a 'b' on the right, some graph and the x-axis. Those are the boundaries and the area inside those boundaries is the integral.

How would you gaph the equation y equals 2x minuis3?

You know that y = 2x - 3, so to draw the graph: (a) You work out where this equation meets the horizontal axis of the graph and put a mark there. (b) You also work out where it meets the vertical axis of the graph and put a mark there. You then draw a straight line through the two points which carries on on either side. For (a) the equation meets the horizontal axis when y = 0. You know that y = 2x - 3, so put y = 0 into this equation. 0 = 2x - 3 -> 3 = 2x -> x = 1.5 So the line meets the horizontal axis when x = 1.5 For (b) the equation meets the vertical axis when x = 0 So again put that into y = 2x - 3 So y = 2*0 - 3 -> y = -3 So the line meets the vertical axis when y = -3. Draw a line through these two points (1.5,0) and (0,-3) and there you have your graph.

How does an equatorial mount in a telescope work?

The equatorial mount allows one axis of the telescope to be parallel to the Earth's axis. This allows you to track an object by only changing one axis. This axis is Right Ascension. The other axis is Declination.

Do Axis cameras come with a free installation?

Axis cameras come with free installation. Axis cameras are a powerful tool that works with the Axis network. This is a system that can work with the camera and video for your home.

Can you get unemployment benefit from a state you did not work?


How do you work out Cartesian plane problems?

That will depend entirely on what kind of problem is given but in general the equation of straight line to be plotted on the Cartesian plane is y = mx+b whereas m is the slope of the line and b is the point where it intercepts the y axis.

What is the purpose of identifying and explaining the main tasks required of managers?

to monitor the work flow.

Who has the final responsability for safety hazards on the job?

The responsibility for controlling safety hazards on the job lies with line management, but the individual employee is also responsible for identifying hazards and ensuring that work does not proceed if the hazards are not adequately controlled.

What is the job description of a systems engineer?

The job description of a system engineer is identifying how things work. Like what parts will go together to make the overall product. For example an assembly line or how the factories make coke bottles.

What does it mean to work for the common good?

To work for the common good is to do things that are intended to benefit an entire society, rather than to just benefit yourself, or to just benefit some organization or group to which you belong.

How can a cook benefit from the knowledge of science?

Cooks can benefit from science so they know what is safe to work with.

Do you have to be certified to work on cars?

No, but it would be to your benefit.

What is the benefit of a corner computer work station?

The benefit of a corner computer work station is to stay focused and multi-task effectively. The corner computer work station has many positive reviews.

How did Egyptians benefit from expansion?

They would benefit from expansion by gaining more reasources and places to live and work

Can you work part time while on social security disability?

In UK Disability Benefit or DLA is paid regardless of work. ie Anyone can claim even if they work. If you claim Income Support or Incapacity Benefit as well, you are allowed to do 16 hours therapeutic work PW,with no effect to benefit entitlement. You must inform the DHSS of any work undertaken

What are the Benefit of team work on progress of work?

The benifit is that evreybody can put in ideas and you can get more work done.