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the best 125 dirt bike is the suzuki.

The best dirt bike by far is the KX 125.

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Q: What is the best 125 dirt bike?
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Is the drz 125 2003 a good dirt bike?

Suzuki DRZ 125 is best dirt bike ever.

What is the best 125 four stroke dirt bike out there?

the best 125 4 stroke is the suzuki drz 125 l but if its for a starter bike yamaha ttr 125

What is a kx 125?

kawasaki dirt bike.

What are the best dirt bikes?

yz 125 best alround mx bike ever built fact

What are the shift patterns on a cr125 dirt bike?

what are the shift patterns on a Honda cr 125 dirt bike

What is the fastest 125 dirt bike?

Ktm 125sx

Can a four stroke 125 dirt bike go on the dunes?


Best dirt bike for kids?

The best dirt bike for kids is no bigger than a 100cc

How fast is a kawasaki kx125 dirt bike?

My 2012 125 does about 80

Who is the best on a 125cc dirt bike?

Kawasaki is the best 125cc dirt bike. Hopefully this link will helps you.

Which Dirt Bike Is Best Suzuki RM 125 Kawasaki KZ 125 KTM 125 SX or Yamaha YZ 125?

id go with the Yamaha or suzuki, but look into four strokes there better bikes

How fast will a Yamaha ttr 125 dirt bike go?


What is the top speed for a ttr 125 dirt bike?

50-55mph stock

What is the fastest four stroke 125cc dirt bike?

Yamaha TTR 125

What is a Good dirt bike for kids ages at 13?

Husky 125/150.

What type of dirt bike is good for an 11 year old?

A Yamaha 125

What is the mixture on a 1986 125 dirt bike?

in my 84 i use 32 to 1

How fast does a 125 suzuki dirt bike go?

50 mph to 80 mph it depends upon bike.

How fast does a suzuki 125 2 stroke dirt bike go?

50mph to 75mph it depends on the condition of bike.

What is the best bmx bike for dirt?

if you want a bike for trails and dirt go for an eastern trail digger or a fit bike

What would be the best dirt bike for a 5'4 135 lb girl?

the best dirt bike would be a 250cc 2 stroke

What is the best dirt-bike?

It is a Yamaha and Kawasaki, you can't get a better dirt bike than a Yamaha and Kawasaki!!!!!

How many horsepower in a 125cc dirt bike?

a 125 makes around 25 horsepower

Top speed on a four stroke suzuki 125 dirt bike?


What dirt bike is best?

i like Yamaha