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On the aftermarket, I'd say a Sherwood Molded dash kit. Not too big of a fan of their flat wood dash kits but their molded ones are truly exceptional in all aspects because they wrap around each original trim part making it look as if it was factory installed. A good place to pick one up is at LGT Automotive - - 1.866.410.3274 Hope this helps. Ciao, Trevor M.

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Q: What is the best auto wood dash kit?
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Where can you get a wood dash trim kit for a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Have you tried all the scrap/wreckers out. Hard to find.

How do I install car cassette players in my car's dash?

The best thing to do is to get an install kit from walmart. You can then put the casette player inside the kit and put it in the dash that way. You will also need a wiring harness to do it correctly.

Install radio 87 ford e-150?

You will need a dash kit and wire harness, both are very common. The wire harness will be a ford harness for your year, the dash kit will be a ford/chrysler kit. You can buy them just about anywhere they are so common. Check Auto Zone or Walmart. They should have the parts you need. Make sure you get the screws along the top on dash, some are directly above the radio.

Wiring a sony stereo in a 1990 Toyota corolla?

Purchase a stereo install dash kit, you're best bet is eBay. Search in eBay for a "stereo install dash kit 1990 corolla". Should be about twenty bucks.

Where can I buy a dash kit in Key West?

To locate a dash kit in the Key West, FL area, I would check out stores that sell general automotive supplies and sounds systems. I recommend the following retailers in the Key West Area: Advance Auto Parts and Island Audio Visual.

How do you install a stereo in a 1995 Dodge Ram?

buy factory coded wire kit at ant local auto parts store. simply match wires buy color then plug in to wires in dash. buy stereo dash mounting kit also read directions install only three screws for radio and three screws to remove from dash.

How do you install radio in a FJ60?

There is no exact "dash kit" being made for the fj60 right now. The only options are either to retrofit a kit from a different vehicle, or custom fabricating your own out of plastic/wood/metal/fiberglass etc.

How do you install a stereo in a 89 silverado?

the best way is to purchase the dash-kit and the picture instructions are included. try

Where can you get a drain plug repair kit for your 1998 Chevrolet S10 with a 2.2L auto?

Any auto parts store will have that kit for you.

What XM radio will fit in the dash of a 2000 Neon?

Delphi XpressRC Receiver & Car Kit is the best unit to get for a 2000 Neon with a cost of $124.99.

Is there a repair kit for wiper linkage 2004 cavalier?

Advanced Auto Sells a bushing kit

You have an auto compressor can you use this with an airbrush kit?