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in attack it is probably counter unicorno 100 r2f in defance MF earth bull gb145 wd in stamina thermal gemios df125 sd and in balance galaxy orso sw145 but that is my opinion with some of these especially the balance

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well in the movie its pegasuis but in real life i would say lightning L drago

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Q: What is the best beyblade attack type?
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What is the best type of Beyblade to have?

it would be attack

What is the best attack and defence type beyblade combination?

Earth eg S

What type of Beyblade is pegasus?

Storm and attack type

What is the best Beyblade type to beat van with in Beyblade metal fusion?

Defence Type probably. I just got mine yesterday but i am stuck on him to. since he is an attack type it is only logical to approach with a defence type

What type of Beyblade is ray unicorno?


Is storm pegasus a good Beyblade should you get it?

yes.Storm Pegasus is a good attack type beyblade. Get it only if you like attack types.

What type of beyblade is storm pegasus?

Storm Pegasus is a attack type

How many types of Beyblade bulls in Beyblade?

There are four types of Beyblade Burst in the Beyblade series: attack type, defense type, stamina type, and balance type. Each type has different characteristics and strengths in the battles.

How do you beat a defense type bey blade?

To beat a defense type Beyblade, you can use an attack type Beyblade with a strong attack power to break through its defense. Additionally, using a stamina type Beyblade with good endurance can outlast the defense type Beyblade in battles. Lastly, considering customization options and finding a Beyblade combination that can counter the specific defense type Beyblade you are facing can also be effective.

What are some of the strongest metal fusion beyblades?

The strongest attack type beyblade=Lightning L-Drago The Strongest defense type beyblade=Earth Aquila The Strongest Stamina type beyblade=Burn Phoenix Trust me.

What is the best attack type beyblade toy in the world?

I think the bets attack beys are Storm Aquario and Lightning L- Drago and stoarm pegasis bcoz of the rubber tip

How do you make a best bayblade combination?

To create the best Beyblade combination, choose a strong Beyblade with high attack and stamina stats, pair it with a performance tip for good balance and control, and select a launcher that suits your playing style. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you in battle. Keep in mind the Beyblade's type (attack, defense, stamina, balance) and customize it accordingly for optimal performance.