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From my experience, BRNO rifles are very nice. They are no longer made under the name BRNO, but CZ, and although the manufacturing processes may have changed, the CZs are near identical to their BRNO ancestors. Try to get a BRNO model 2.

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What is the price of a 22 auto rifle interarms brand bought new?

About $150

Who made Lafayette 22 rifle?

Most likely a store brand. has a store brand chart that might help

What is the value of a Weatherby Mark XXII 22 long rifle?

Brand new $700

Who made the peerless 22 bolt action rifle? has a store brand chart.

Who made ranger mod36 22 cal rifle? has store brand chart

What is the best 22 pump rifle?

Winchester and Browning

The best value 22 rimfire rifle?


What is the best 22 long rifle?

Eley Tenex

Ranger model 103.4 22 cal long rifle?

Store brand for Sears IIRC

Who made ranger 22 pump rifle? has a store brand chart that might help.

Who made coast to coast M288 22 cal rifle? has a store brand chart.

Who made 22 rifle for coast to coast model 286? has a store brand chart.

How do you disassemble Winchester rifle model 72A 22 rifle?

Best to ask a gunsmith for assistance.

You were recently given your great grandfathers gun but you have no idea what brand it is It is a 22 long rifle and has a squirrel on the stock does anyone know the brand?

Need a detailed description of all markings on all parts of the rifle.

Who made the Ranger 101-13 22 rifle?

The rifle is a Stevens 87 seni auto 22 Ranger was a Sears brand before World War 2. Sears guns sold after the war were sold under the JC Higgins brand. What you have is a pre war rifle made in the late 30s to 1941.

What is the best rifle for shooting poultry predators?

.22 lr

Who made revelation model 100a 22 rifle? has a store brand chart that might help

Who made the Revelation 150 22 lr rifle?

I believe that Marlin made their Model 49 rifle for Western Auto Stores using their Revealation brand.

Best 22 cal semi auto rifle?

The one you can afford.

Who made the hawthorne model 804 22 rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values has a store brand chart

Who made the Essex 22 long rifle for belknap hardware of louisville Ky.? has a store brand chart.

How much is a west point 22 rifle worth?

West Point was a brand name used by Savage/ Stevens for a basic 22 rifle. Values will depend on exact model, and condition, but are not high- somewhere in the $50-$125 range.

What is the value of a 22 pump rifle model?

It depends on which model brand you want, but they usually range anywhere from $200-$1,300

What is the history of Cotter and Company model 45 Westpoint 22 cal rifle?

Store brand name. Made by Marlin.

Who made premier 22 caliber pump rifle ser 30566? has a store brand chart that might help