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What is the best call of duty game online?


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If your on Black ops, domination!

It's my favorite game online.

Then there's zombies, which is awesome too.

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The best one would have to be Call of Duty 3 on PlayStation 2. Yes you can go online on it.

Call of duty black ops of course

Call of Duty Black Ops 5(Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War)

black ops of course it owns every other cod game made

there is call of duty 4 or call of duty: world at war coming out soon.

You need to have the game in your harddrive to play online

Most definitely "Call Of Duty: Black Ops" - due to the number of people I have seen online playing it on the PlayStation Network. The most popular area of this game is the bonus Zombie level, which has 4 different sections for online, multiplayer games.

Killzone 2 has very good graphics and I think that is is made for the experienced first person shooter. Call of duty 4 is probably one of the best shooter game that I have ever played. The Call of duty series is one of the only series that is enjoyed by experienced and non-experienced players. Another point is that Call of duty 4 is (I think) the best online game on the PS3 or the X-Box 360. I have had Call of duty 4 since I got the PS3 a year ago and alough Call of duty 5 has come out I still play Call of duty 4 online. So I would say that Call of duty 4 is the best but killzone 2 is still a very good game

One can purchase a copy of the video game Call of Duty from stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Gamestop. You can even buy this video game online from these stores.

The PSP does not have a Call of Duty game so it can not play any Call of Duty offline or onliine

Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3 are both sick!

You can get your copy of 'Call of Duty' for the PSP at your local game retailer shop. You can also find it online at for example Amazon or other online game stores.

Call of Duty 3 is an old game, but is still a good game. The only problem is it might be hard to find a match online.

the most new game in call of duty it is most exiting but the sniper shooting is the the best of all of call of duty.

it is the next game in the Call Of Duty series, it is being released on the 8th November Call of duty mw3 is the best in the call of duty series.Because there is survival mode!

One can find images of the Call of Duty logo online at various websites. One can find images of the Call of Duty logo at websites such as Game Rant and Gaming Bus.

Not if your game is Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts for the PS2

The best game by far in Call of Duty MW3. It is a fast paced shooter game that has great online game play. Battlefield 3 is another good game. I like MW3 the best!

Yes call of duty is the top game in America is the best selling game in Xbox and PlayStation network

Gotta be call of duty or some other game

Buy the Call of Duty Black Ops game, put the game in your PC or game console that has an online connection.

Call of duty: modern warfare 1 & 2 got the best selling and online game of the year. However, the MW3 title which will be released will have a fight on there hands as Battlefield 3 will be shortly released. So basically, call of duty: modern warfare 3 may not get the best seller or online title this year. Personal opinion what your answer. Some people love call of duty and think its the best game ever, others will disagree. Its all about the players choice.

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