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if you don't really mind of the budget the micromax ezpad or you could say that Samsung duos g610t would be nice.

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Q: What is the best dual sim mobile?
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Had Lava A9 is dual sim or not?

Type your answer here... Yes it is dual SIM mobile phone...

What are the benefits of dual sim mobile phones?

Benefits of dual sim mobile phones are that you can take advantage of different pricing plans, and save on mobile data usage. Sim mobile phones are also very affordable.

LG Gx200 dual active Sim mobile?

Dual SIM, Dual StandbyTake the dual SIM advantage of LG GX200 with, Dual SIM indicator to easily manage two networks, keep work and play separated and enjoy quality connections.

Who invented the first dual sim mobile phones?

The dual sim concept was invented and patented by an Indian named Somasundaram Ramkumar.

Do you have to have two sim cards to use a dual sim mobile phone?

No. They only give you dual sim slots so you can have a vodaphone and a telecom sim in it at the same time or any other network. But you can have only one sim in it at a time

In which dual sim mobile can reliance connection be used?

coolpad288 samsung2on

To get the software for the ECO 24x7 Dual Sim Mobile phone?


Where can one purchase a cheap Dual SIM phone?

If someone wishes to purchase an affordable Dual Sim Phone there are a variety of places where one can do so. Some of these places are; Amazon, Tesco, Dual Sim Phones, Free Your Mobile, Electric Pig and Ebay.

What is the difference of a dual active sim vs dual standby sim?

Dual Stand By: It simply means that your mobile will be in connection with both mobile service providers at the same time and you can either place or receive a call on either of the mobile numbers. But, as you are busy with one number, the other number goes "Not reachable" Dual Active: Your calling party will never hear "Not reachable" message if he calls you on second mobile number when you are busy on talking on first number. He will be just on "waiting" that time .... Reason: Dual Active mobiles use TWO processors to handle both SIM where Dual Stand By mobiles uses only ONE processor to handle both SIM

Can Motorola EX115 Dual Sim mobile phone be used in the US and Canada?


What is the best deal on SIM free mobile phones?

The best deal on a SIM free mobile phone is free, from letstalk. Free is a good price for a SIM free mobile phone all you have to do is pay for shipping.

What mobile phone supports two SIM cards?

There are quite a number of mobile phones that support twin sim cards. It is always a good idea for you to ask for a dual sim card form when buying in order to get the right one.

Is there any games for gfive u800 dual sim mobile phone to downloads from internet?


Micromax X500 dual sim or not?

No micromax x500 is is not dual sim...

Is the iPhone dual sim?

There are some iphones that do have dual sim cards.

How to call the phone that can insert 2 sims?

dual sim mobile Type your answer here...

Where can one purchase a Samsung duel slim phone?

One can buy a Samsung dual SIM slim phone from Free Your Mobile. A Samsung dual SIM slim phone can also be purchased from general retailers such as Amazon.

Does the Nokia 2680s have dual sim?

YEs Nokia 2680s is a dual sim

Is there any dual sim active mobile phone other than samsung brand?

Sony Ericsson, Karbon Mobile, Intex, Zen, Maxx

Is a BlackBerry phone a dual sim phone?

No Blackberry phone is dual SIM phone, or that has two SIM card slots. But there are some Blackberry China phones (Blackberry imitation) which are dual SIM phones.

What is the difference between dual active Sim and dual standby Sim and dual sim shift?

friends, in duil active sim phone only one sim work at same time example in we are using sim one, somebody is calling to sim two then he cant able to connect, where as in dual standby phone if the persion is using sim one if he gets cal to sim two he can know.

How do you reset sim lock samsung gt-e2652w?

First, try to change the SIM. If it is a dual SIM mobile, then, try to use SIM2. If nothing helps, you would need to take it to the expert hardware repairer.

Which SIM card is the best?

most probably T-mobile

What is a dual SIM card?

There is nothing like a dual sim card, but rather a dual sim card phone. A phone with two sim card slots, allowing you to carry two numbers and switch from one to the other. This is super popular in China.

Where can you find the best deals on mobile phone sim cards?

One can find some of the best deals on mobile SIM cards at stores such as Radio Shack, Walmart, and Best Buy. They can also be found online at eBay or Mobal.