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it is a wird


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What is a center based program in preschools?

The Autobell Charity Car Wash Program participates in community based non profit fundraising. They help groups that assist the poor, homeless and children.

The four major type of economically based interest groups are Business, Labor, Agricultural, and Professional Groups.

The National Service Training Program is a Malaysian based program that started in 2003 and drafts 18 years old. It is a means to connect different ethnic groups in Malaysia and get them together to encourage friendships, and bonding between teens within the country.

Systematics is the classification that groups animals based on their phylogenetic similarities. These groups are known as taxon's. The system was first developed by Carolus Linnaeus.

A standard Antivirus program is based on what kind of monitoring methodology

It is based on two different groups goin on

I believe it's a program that provides Federal funding to citizens/families without requiring eligibility orspecific conditions often required under means-based programs. (... because this is what is opposite of a means-based program)

Stephen A. Kapp has written: 'Agency-based program evaluation' 'Agency-based program evaluation' -- subject(s): Human services, Evaluation 'Agency-based program evaluation' -- subject(s): Human services, Evaluation

scientists today divide plants into two large groups based onwhat are the two large groups of plants Edited answer: Based on vasculature, the plant kingdom is divided into- 1. Vascular and 2. Non-vascular plants.

Not too sure about the eight groups. The seven major groups are based on stellar type, which is based on temperature. They are: O,B,A,F,G,K,M [See related question] There are sub divisions, but they are rare and not part of the major groups.

Illustrator is a vector based program that can export raster images.

Animal Watch is a program based at the University of Arizona which helps students learn algebra. It is web-based and uses word problems based on animals that are endangered.

To put things into groups based on their similarities.

to put in groups based on likeness or differences

They are a social, family based animal.

school-based program refers to the direct delivery or provision of TESDA administered schools. this program include post- secondary offerings of varying duration not exceeding 3 years.

Biologists separate bacteria into two groups based on their reaction with the gram stain as Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria.

Vertical groups are families. Bonding power is based upon the type of bond, the position of element in periodic table.

Keywords in a programming language that allow the programmer to redirect the flow of the program based on a decision are called

Chemically hormones belong chiefly to two molecular groups. The two groups are the steroids and the amino acid based molecules.

The United States Department of Housing runs the income based apartments program. This program helps low-income families and households obtain a suitable shelter for a moderate quality of life.

The grouping of silicate and non-silicate minerals is based on whether they contain silicon and oxygen. Silicate minerals are divided into smaller groups based on their structure. Non-silicate minerals are didvided into smaller groups based on their composition.

Yes, foods are organized into groups in MyPyramid by their caloric content.

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