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In general, men who are hairy look best maintaining a certain level of hairiness, otherwise it looks unnatural, so do not manscape excessively. Some chest and abdomen hair, as well as forearm and leg hair, should be left if you naturally have hair there.

Use clippers to cut body hair super short (clippers will avoid ingrown hairs as well). If your hair is very dark, a razor might look a bit better once a week--but the risk of ingrown hairs is higher. Waxing is very painful but effective for a longer period of time.

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What is Manscaping?

Manscaping is when a man shaves or waxes some of the hair from his body. This includes mustaches, beards, and other body hair.

How do you remove excess urea in the body?

drink water

What is the fastest way to get thinner?

Surgery to remove excess body fat.

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By touching it with an insulating uncharged conductor, the excess charge will then be removed.

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Liquid waste Plus excess water.

How u can remove completely excess of charge from a small conducting body?

By touching it with an insulating uncharged conductor, the excess charge will then be removed.

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Flame cells.. yw

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Which term most closly describes the process used the kidney to remove excess salts and toxins from the body?


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A person is obese if s/he has an excess amount of body fat.

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The excess nutrients in the body are stored in the liver.

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so it can remove excess heat from it's body and so it can hear the slightest movement.

Is there any connection between excess body hair growth and excess protein in body?


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it does not absorb excess

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Your best bet is water or young coconut water.

What may best explain the relationship between excess body fat and higher risk for cancers of the female reproductive system?

Excess body fat produces more estrogen, which may promote tumor development

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Treatment with zinc acetate is also an effective way to remove excess copper from the body.

Transport vehicles that function to remove excess cholesterol from body cells and transport it to the liver for elimination?

high density lipoproteins (HDL's)

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It depends on the body part you are getting reduced. There is a panniculectomy (to get rid of the "apron" of abdominal skin), a brachioplasty (to remove the excess in the upper arms), a belt lipectomy (lifts thighs, hips, butt and abdomen)....

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The body urinates to remove toxins taken in from the environment and food, and it is carried out in the excess water within the body that is ingested from drinking and moist foods.

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the body loses excess heat by perspiration or sweating the the epidermis of the skin

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There was an excess of liquid in his body.He drank in excess the other night.

What is the job of the exceretory system?

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