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What is the best free screen recorder for vista?



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It depends on what do you use them for,because different softwares have different functions.Some are good at recording tutorials while others are in other fields.

1.Fraps--many people should have tried this one for game recording,you can try it too(not free,with with trial version)

2.Camtasia--a professional recorder that has lots of features to help recording(not free,with with trial version)

3.Camstudio--the only free one that i know,but i think it's not suitable for gaming recording since it's designed for tutorials recording.

4.Total Screen recorder--when recording something,it doesn't bring lags,but for games,not sure ,you may try. (not free,with with trial version)

5.hypercam-- quite good as well,for common recording.(not free,with with trial version)

6. FlashDemo screen recorder--Easy to use.(not free, with 15days free trial)

all the softwares,you can google and get them easily.

if you want to buy one,you can go to

for spending less.