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A friend at work says that AVG at is very good.

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Q: What is the best free spyware or adware program and where can it be found?
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What is the best anti-virus spyware adware removal application?

No one program will protect you from both a virus and spyware. Microsoft Antispyware, Adaware, & Spybot Search & Destroy and all free & very good at protecting you form spyware. AVG & Avast are both free antivirus programs that are very good.

Where can the best free anti spyware be found as a download online?

One can find the best free anti-spyware at CNET Download. They have CNET editors' ratings and reviews for all downloadable program so one can find a program that best fit their needs.

What is the best software program to combat spyware?

SpyBot makes some of the best anti-spyware software on the market today.

What is the best free program that can be used to remove spyware?

Super AntiSpyware Free Edition is the best free program that can be used to remove spyware. It is of course free and monitors your computer on a set schedule or you can manually scan it. If any spyware or malicious files are found, the items are automatically quarantined and then removed after you have reviewed the results.

How does one protect a PC against spyware and adware?

The way that one protects a PC against spyware and adware is by having good virus protection software and using it, updates are crucial. They are many paid and free antivirus programs. Two of the best free programs are Avast and AVG.

How do you get rid of spayware?

The best way to get rid of spyware is to use a current anti-spyware program. It will perform a scan of the system, delete the spyware, and keep it from returning.

The Different Types of Anti Spyware Software.?

It is always suggested to buy the the physical disc in regards to spyware. This is the best way to make sure you have a legitmate spyware program.

What is the best antivirus spyware adware removal application?

As a technician, I use paid versions of some great virus removal tools: Malwarebytes, hitman, and tdsskiller.

What is spybot?

Spybot is a program that removes spyware only.But you should get SUPERantispyware because when you get Spybot it is confusing and SUPERanitspyware is more powerful and the best anti spyware program in the world.So good luck.

What is the best free spyware cleaner?

The best free spyware program is called adaware. It can be updated regularly to make sure to have the latest spyware definitions on it to allow it to prevent the spyware. This software is actually reviewed quite well by cnet, pcmag, and other professional reviewers.

What is the best Adware download?

Any adware program will work but Adblock seems to do the trick. When downloading anything be cautious of everything and trust no one. Go to the official site and download accordingly.

Why does PC crash and how to overcome it?

there are many reasons but your best start is a good cleanup of spyware, viruses, adware, worms,etc and to install and maintain programs to prevent them from coming back

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