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to hide an oval face you should stick spikes out from the sides , it makes an optical distraction , then dye it and whatever other bollox you want to do to it

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What hairstyle should you get?

you should get a hairstyle depending on the shape of your face.

What is a good hairstyle for me?

depends on face shape..

What is the best hairstyle for a 12 year old punk rocker with thick hair and an oval shape face?

if its a girl pined up or shaved into a Mohawk or flipped all to one side combed and brushed you also can relax it

What hairstyle does Aubrey Graham have?

A bush with a shape up.

Whats the best hairstyle for a teenager with long wavy brown hair?

The best hairstyle for a teenager with long, wavy brown hair would depend greatly on the teenager's face shape. You might try a long bob with or without bangs, an A-line haircut, or even try some up-dos like a bun or a French twist.

What kind of hairstyle that starts with letter S?

shag, shape-up, straight, spiky

What is the perfect shape face for a model?

It is a square face because any type of hairstyle can suit it.

What are the distinguishing features of a Gun surfboard?

Foil shape, length, rocker, fin placement

What is rocker on a snowboard?

rocker is when the board is bent down between the bindings like in a v shape witch is why they call it v rocker but there is also many many different ways of rocker then just v this first started of on burton boards then moved to much of all newer park boards

How can you change your hair in the sims3?

To change your Sims' hairstyle, have the Sim got to any mirror and select "Change Appearance". You will have the option to change hairstyle, eyebrow shape, facial hair and make-up.

What hairstyle is the best for 12 year old girls?

It depends on the shape of the girls face and also the length of her hair.

What is a sentence using emphasize?

That hairstyle will emphasize the shape of your face. Ms. Haskings wanted me to emphasize certain points of my speech.

What is the molecule shape for sodium bicarbonate?

brown chicken, brown cow

What does a Brown recluce spider look like?

A brown recluse is usually brown, with a black and brown violin shape on it's abdomen. Most recluse's are extremely poisonous so look out for the violin shape.

What color and shape are eels?


What is david villa's hairstyle in fifa 11?

A Mixture Of Mohicon And Shape Up.Long Side Burns With Spiky Hair,Slitz On His Eyebrows...

What caused this shape and the color of the egg?

the shape is oblong and the color is brown and white

What kind of spider is brown and fuzzy and has a violin shape on its back?

Brown recluse

What is the most popular hairstyle for teens this year?

There isn't a most popular one! you should get one that suits the shape and colouring of your face. xxx

What is the best hairstyle for men with oval shape face?

Usually very short and spiky or like a buzz cut. Sometimes the "justin bieber'' do!

What shape are planaria?

Usually hammer head shaped if they are black or an arrow shape if brown

What does a brown recluse look like?

it is brown with no stripes on its legs and has a violin shape on its back.

What is a good casual hairstyle for a 12 year old girl with brown hair a bit below shoulders and is curly at the front?

hmm... it depends on your face shape. Bangs and/or layers look good on anyone. Consider buying a straightener. If you just want a little change, cut it short for summer.

What is a cute hairstyle for eighth grade?

guessing if you used the word 'cute' your a girl.. side bangs, and a cute layered cut,depending on your face shape

What spider has a violin shape on its back?

Brown recluse