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Try an acog scope or if there is snow or dust flying around a thermal scope. Try to get the bling perk so that you can have a thermal scope AND fmj

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Q: What is the best kind of scope for a sniper?
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What is the best scope for a sniper rifle .308 win?

The best you can afford.

How far can you see through the best military sniper scope?

past a mile

Can you attach a real sniper scope to a airsoft sniper scope?

no, in fact there is no such scope where you can attach another on it, plus it would look stupid

What is the best gun in blackops?

The best assault rifle is in fact the AK-47. The best sub machine gun is the AK-74U or the MP63. I can't give a sniper the best sniper award because they are all good. I can give suggestions though. When you choose a sniper don't use the heat sensor ones. and replace the scope on them with the AOCG scope. The AOCG scope is accurate and you can still keep your good view versus have the sniper scope on and limiting you to seeing just one area. So yes, if anything exchange the regular sniper scopes for the AOCG scope and you'll be getting 20+ kills easily. Then you have to think. Not everything is the best for everyone so honesty this an opinion. So theres what I think are the best. Hope I helped.

What is the best rifle in Call of Duty World at War?

The m1 garand for its power and it can have a sniper scope

Can you attach a real sniper scope to a airsoft sniper?

Yes of course

What is the scope of mathematics?

Sniper Rifles

Who is the best sniper in the world?

that's kind of an opinion

The best sniper rifle and sniper tips for MW2?

I prefer the intervention with the FMJ attachment. put your sensitivity on med so you can move the scope around faster.

What is the cost for a good Sniper Scope?

A high end Sniper Scope can be picked up for 600$ however one could get a relatively good sniper scope for about 150 - 200 $. This price range would be ideal for hunting etc.

What is best sniper rifle scope?

well actually i thought that the SSR 4000 sniper rifle was the best but if u Google or bing what ever winter tatical sniper u will find some great feautures well that is it in my opinon what is urs

Can you put a sniper scope on a beretta storm?


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