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The best I've found are Vortex Solar Panels, They are made in the US and backed with a 10 year FULL REPLACEMENT warranty. If something ever goes wrong they don't just send you some dinky plug they replace the whole thing for you.

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What is the best pool heater out there at the moment?

The best pool heater depends on what kind of heater you want for your pool. There are solar heaters, gas heaters, and pump heaters. The up and coming heaters are of the solar variety and they are currently the best out there. They are low maintenance, save you energy costs, and last for a long time.

Will a solar water heater help us save money?

Yes if u want to save for energy and money the best deal is the solar water heater it will not cost on your bill and also very safe. Most people used this kind of product so they can save for money.

What kind of heater would best be suited for a sunroom?

An electric heater is perfectly safe. That's the only downside to having a sunroof, your heat prices increase dramatically! An electric heater is a great solution.

What stores what kind of energy and changes it into electrical energy?

My best guest would be Solar Energy. Solar panels collect sunlight and turn it into electricity.

What kind of frogs are found in pools?

Toads, bullfrogs and green frogs. I have found turtles, crayfish, (crawfish) mice, rats, snakes and squirrels in pools. As well as domestic pets - (cats and dogs) A danger is if a solar cover is used as animals and ESPECIALLY children can become fatally entrapped and drown.

Swimming Pool Heater Repair?

form_title=Swimming Pool Heater Repair form_header=11623 Please specify the type of pool you have.*= () In ground () Spa/hot tub () Above ground Which kind of heater are you using?*= () Natural gas () Propane () Oil () Electric immersion () Heat pump () Solar () Solar blanket () Unsure Please indicate why you need service/repair? (Check all that apply)*= [] Heater won't turn on [] Pilot light won't stay lit [] Heater leaking [] Heater cycles on and off [] Heater won't shut off [] Water not heating to desired temperature [] Need regular maintenance [] Other

What kind of water do snails live in?

sea or tide pools.

What kind of salt do you use for saltwater pools?

pool salt

What kind of recreation does Florida have?

Beaches, pools, and amusement parks

What kind of energy does solar panels produce?

Solar energy

When Alice swam in her pools what kind of extinct bird did she see?

A dodo

What kind of algae grow in pools?

the same type that grows in lakes

What kind of solar system is earth?

Earth is a planet, not a solar system.

What kind of spectrum is a solar spectrum?

The solar spectrum is type G2.

What kind of animals live in rock pools?

Star fishMusselsanemone

What kind of pool cant you swim in?

The dirty and non-cleaned swimming pools

What kind of creatures can be in swimming pools?

That would depend on how much chemicals you have in your pool.

What kind of energy do you use to power up a solar oven?

Solar power

What kind of solar energy makes its way to earth's surface?

Passive solar

What kind of energy is a solar calculator?

it uses solar enegy hope it helps

Tankless Water Heater Installation?

form_title=Tankless Water Heater Installation form_header=11693 Is this need emergency in nature?*= () No () Yes Please specify the type of tankless water heater you would like installed.*= () Whole house () Don't know () Single point Can you describe the kind of heat source you are looking to get?*= () Natural gas () Electric () Propane () Don't know () Solar

How does solar panels light work?

It is a kind of solar light. And it may use a solar panel as power source.

What kind of plants live in tide pools?

seaweed rockweed seacabbage surfgrass sealether

What kind of energy source is the solar power plant?

Sun is the source of solar energy. Heat is present in solar energy.

What kind of galaxy is your solar system?

Our solar system is in the Milky Way, which is a spiral galaxy.