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The ultra ball

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Q: What is the best kind poke ball to have other than the master ball?
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What is the best kind of poke ball to catch groundon other than a master ball?

depends on which game. IN Pokemon hg/ss the dusk ball is the best. In r/s/e timer balls and ultra balls. Watch out for fissure and double edge

What kind of poke ball is good on metang in Pokemon white?

the quick ball and the master balls are the best choice or duskballl at night or in the a cave

How can you get an extra master ball?

well usually i think its best to use a game shark or trade a ditto then before you used your master ball give your master ball to your ditto then make ditto make an egg then once after the egg hatches check the ditto and it will have a master ball i haven't did this yet because i already used my master ball but i think it works with any kind of poke ball

What do you have to do to catch palkia?

To catch Palkia, First Damage it, Use a Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Dusk Ball or any other kind of ball. Or just use a Master Ball.

What kind of ball to catch regigigas in pearl?

master ball if you have action replay

What kind of pokeball can you use to catch registeel?

a quick ball or a master ball

What kind of ball is best for fetch?

A tennis ball

What kind of ball can you use to catch Lugia and Mewtwo in HeartGold not including the Master ball I've heard both are level 70 so how should I catch them?

if you dont wanna waste your master ball, then the strongest ball will be the Ultra Ball...

What kind of contest do you need to win in to get a master ball in Pokemon ruby?

You can only get a master ball in the team magma base near lilycove city in ruby or emerald.

What kind of poke ball do you use to catch HO HO on sousilver?

you catch him with a master

What kind of pokeball do you have to use to catch latios in Pokemon ruby?

I recommend the master ball

What kind of pok'e ball do you have to use to catch hoho?

Any and don't forget it's based on total luck. I would use Ultra Balls because there the best besides the only one Master Ball.

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