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What is the best media player?

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AnswerMacGo Mac Blu-ray Player




Answer--Windows Media Player11.
2006-09-19 20:44:15
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What is the best media player for PCs?

VLC Media Player.

What is the best media player and, how much do they cost ?

The best media player varies. The cost will vary as well, inquire your local electronics merchandise sellers for information on the best media player currently available.

What is rated the best media player?

The best rated media player is the VLC Media Player, also known as VideoLAN VLC. This media player is rated so high because it uses own updated codecs and provides all media options.

Which is best media player for PC?

Best is a matter of personal preference but a few good media players are: - Windows Media Player - iTunes etc.

What is the best media player for xp?

VLC Media PlayerSimple, Powerful and Fast.

Which is The best media player?


Which media player is best for viewing 4K resolution?

Media player classic at ccc-project

Which media players can play kmz files?

t-ru player...the best media player in world

What is the best media player for mac?

iTunes and Quicktime

Which media player has the best sound quality?


What is the best network media player?

There are many media players out there. Which one is the best, depends on what particular needs the viewer might have. Some very good ones are Windows Media Player, Quick Time and VLC Player. That last one is free, no harm in trying it out.

What is the best media player with HD?

A really good media player is the VLC Media player. It has really fast start times, and doesn't use a lot of resources. It can also play a wide range of files.

What is the world's best media player?

We cannot say exactly which is the best media player but for my experience, VLC Media player and Mac Blu-ray Player both are able to play almost all type of files. And Mac Blu-ray Player can play most Blu-ray files, including 4K Blu-ray discs.

What media player will run qveeplayer videos other than qvee?

vlc player the best player .that does not work have it.

Which is the default media player for Windows Xp?

windows media player and media player classic

What can VLC be used for?

Any media. It supports everything. You can even stream media. it's the best video player ever

Media player for piczo?

media player for piczo?

What is the best movie player to use that is free to download?

There are a number of free to use movie players, and which is best may be down to what an individual wants from it. A popular movie view is the RealPlayer, which plays a variety of media. Another is the VLC media player or the GOM Media player which CNET has reviews of as being 4 out of 5 stars.

Where is the best place to download Windows Media Player 10?

The best place to download Windows Media Player 10 is directly from the Microsoft Windows website, which has all sorts of downloadable programs related to its operating system.

What version of Windows media player do you have?

Windows media player 11 and i want Windows Media Player back!

Where can you download a media player for Linux?

There are many media players available for Linux. The best location to download them is from your distro's package repository.

What is the best free media player software and why?

Real player is voted the number one free media player software. It instantly streams video files and movies. Downloading it can be tricky but read all instructions.

What media player will work with your ipod?

windows media player

Which is the best media video player in windows xp?

In my opinion, Windows Movie Maker.

How do you convert real player songs into media player songs?

How do you convert real player songs into media player songs?" How do you convert real player songs into media player songs?"